Trump’s Name Immortalized In Conservative State

Kevin Stitt, the Republican Governor of Oklahoma, recently approved legislation create to rename a stretch of highway in the state after Donald J. Trump.

The highway and omnibus bridge bill was signed by Stitt on Friday, and a 20-mile stretch of highway spanning from Boise City, Oklahoma, to the neighboring Texas border will be renamed the “President Donald J. Trump Highway.”

Initially, the proposed legislation hit major roadblocks when Democrat lawmakers argued that state laws require an individual to have been deceased for at least three years before a bridge or a road can be named in their honor. However, Republican legislators successfully repealed the mandated three-year waiting period, which will permit the stretch of highway to be named after the former president. In addition, the legislators who were in support of the bill have also elected to pay for the new highway signs themselves.

In 2019, similar efforts were made to name a stretch of highway after Trump, though this plan ultimately stalled out due to concerns regarding the renaming of a highway for a president still serving in office.

Oklahoma is not the first state to make a move towards remembering Trump, who served as the United States’ 45th president. For instance, GOP legislators in Ohio introduced a bill in April that would result in renaming Mosquito Lake State Park to Donald J.Trump State Park instead.

On the other hand, lawmakers in New York have opted for a different approach. Various Democrats have started an effort to change the name of Donald J. Trump State Park. Originally, this park had been part of future plans for a golf course, but once those plans were abandoned, the park was donated to the state.

According to Nily Rozic, an Assemblywoman and Democrat bill sponsor, the parklands of New York should be reflective of the state’s “values,” and she argued that many other New Yorkers are available “who are worth of the honor of having a park named after themselves.”