New Bill Targeting Leftist Governor Sparks Large-Scale Controversy

In Michigan, recently proposed legislation has sparked controversy. The bill, which would require the governor to provide notice before traveling out-of-state, passed earlier this week during a Senate vote.

The bill was motivated by Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s out-of-state travel, including a trip to Florida in March, which occurred immediately after telling Michigan residents to not travel outside the state. In addition, others have noted that using nonprofit organization funds to pay for her trip likely violates federal-level tax laws.

Republican State Senator Tom Barrett, who serves as the primary sponsor of the bill, also indicated that the measure was a way to assess who is presently in active role of state governor if needed, a provision that the Democrats found confusing.

Democrat State Senator Erika Geiss, for instance, insisted on knowing the “real reason” for why the governor’s physical location needs to be known, as well as why the public should “be notified” when the governor travels out of state. Greiss also added that this particular issue was not a concern at all in the two previous terms.

Even if the State House votes in favor of passing the bill, Governor Whitmer herself would still have to sign the bill to transform it into formal law.