Biden Trailblazes Illegal Border Crossings With Mobile App

Recent reports reveal that the Biden administration has opted to use a mobile phone app to assist illegal migrants’ ability to cross the Southern border into the United States. On Friday, the DHS launched CBP One, an app that helps various borer officials store and process sensitive data regarding various foreign nationals who are enrolled in the Remain in Mexico program, a policy initiated under President Trump.

With this app, various international organizations, as well as NGOs, are able to upload images of illegal migrants on the app, which then illuminates whether or not a given individual’s case is still active. Through facial recognition technology, the app verifies each individual by referring to a database containing 70,000+ migrants. If the app reveals that an individual’s case is open, then one of the aforementioned organizations will be able to help the migrant obtain a COVID test and subsequently travel to a specified port of entry, where they can request permission for entering the United States from U.S. Customs and Border Control.

The photos were taken from the Remain in Mexico program, which Biden formally ended early last week. In general, facial recognition has been plagued with controversy due to its questionable accuracy, as well as the fact that the reliability is contingent upon an individual’s birthdate, race, and other identifying characteristics.

The DHS has noted that Biden has requested upwards of $1.2B in order to continue innovating the various security technologies that have been implemented for addressing the ongoing crisis at the border.