DeSantis Puts Bullseye On Foreign “Malignant Forces”

At the start of the week, Ron DeSantis, the Republican Governor of Florida, announced the successful passage of dual legislation pertaining to foreign influence. The legislation was designed to mitigate the risk of “malignant forces” influencing the state, notably from foreign actors such as China, North Korea, Syria, Russia, Cuba, and Venezuela.

DeSantis made the announcement while standing behind a podium that featured a prominent, large sign with all caps letters: “STOP CCP INFLUENCE.” As part of his introductory remarks, DeSantis commented that the primary objectives of the two bills are to “combat” the various “nefarious foreign influence and corporate espionage in Florida.”

Part of the motivation underlying these two laws includes the fact the now-infamous COVID coverup in Wuhan has also revealed questionable relationships between various institutions across China and various bureaucrats in the United States, which DeSantis also indicated during his announcement.

Proclaiming that it is “pretty clear” that COVID “was a virus that almost assuredly leaked out of this lab in Wuhan,” DeSantis noted that this particularly laboratory was one that works closely with the Chinese military and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Recalling that numerous individuals employed at the lab became ill, the CCP opted “to cover it up” and refuse to “give any information out”; moreover, they did not request assistance or “give a heads up to anybody,” choosing to merely “cover it up,” or attempt to, instead, DeSantis added.

After these remarks, DeSantis proclaimed that CCP is the sole entity that executes a “pervasive, nefarious influence” across myriad industries in the United States,” more so than any other nation or “entity.” The influence of the CCP has been particularly damaging with the corporate media, university systems, and giant tech companies.

For instance, Confucius Institutes has take hold cross various universities in the United States, and these institutes provide another way in which the CCP can exert enormous power and influence by partnering with various universities.

However, with the passage of the new legislation, universities are barred from partnering with the Confucius Institutes. Moreover, the legislation also ensures that public companies in Florida, as well as Florida itself, are prohibited from making various agreements with private entities that have “close [ties] to these foreign adversaries.”

Moreover, if any entity desires to engage with various universities and colleges across the state of Florida, whether these entities constitute a foreign state, corporation, or individual, all potential partners must undergo an extensive background check to protect the state from “bad actors” who may become involved.

The other component of the legislation, “The Combatting Corporate Espionage Act,” also implements new penalties for entities or individuals caught stealing or trafficking trade secrets.

DeSantis acknowledges that what has been done at the state level is both “significant” and “important,” though far more remains “to be done” in order to combat the pervasive influence of the CCP across the United States.