Rand Paul Gets The Last Laugh In War Against Fauci

At the Cleveland Clinic, scientists have recently discovered that individuals who have been infected by COVID-19 in the past will experience no additional benefits of any kind if they receive the COVID-19 vaccine, which has been heavily pushed by Dr. Fauci and the Biden administration.

The scientists’ publication, an expansive study that examined more than 52,000 employees at the Cleveland Clinic, revealed that no substantial difference exists between currently vaccinated and previously infected; currently vaccinated and not previously affected; and currently unvaccinated and the previously infected.

In addition, the scientists also revealed that 99.3 percent of all coronavirus infections occurred within individuals who had not been previously infected by the virus; only 0.7 percent of COVID infections occurred in vaccinated individuals who did not previously have a COVID infection.

Moreover, the results of the study did not reveal a single case of coronavirus infections in study participants who were previously infected with COVID, whether or not they had received the vaccine. In other words, previously infected individuals had already built up natural immunity to the virus, rendering a vaccine in their particular cases irrelevant.

Ultimately, the analysis within the study illuminated that vaccines do significantly reduce the risk of becoming infected with COVID if they had previously never tested positive for the virus, but the vaccines were demonstrated to be essentially pointless for individuals who had COVID in the past.

Consequently, individuals who have already had COVID stand to gain nothing from becoming vaccinated, while individuals who have not already had COVID do stand to gain protection against the illness if they become vaccinated.

Senator Rand Paul lavished praise upon the study, openly celebrating on Twitter on Tuesday.

Per Paul, the study’s results are “great news,” given that they validated Paul’s position when previously standing off with Dr. Fauci, not to mention Paul’s own commentary about not receiving the vaccine since has already been previously infect with COVID. Consequently, the “clinic study of 52,238” individuals vindicated Paul’s public stance on the vaccine.

Just last month, Paul said he’d consider the vaccine if he was shown “evidence” that people who already had the illness before were succumbing to serious health issues “or being hospitalized.” In the meantime, Paul added that he made his “own personal decision” regarding the vaccine, as he believes he now has “natural immunity” to “the disease.”

Paul’s comments were subjected to yet another fact-check, which he predictably failed. Per the fact-checker, Paul’s commentary “flies in the face” of recommendations from various governmental entities, including the CDC. However, the recent study provides evidence to support Paul’s views.