WHO Sounds Alarm Over Massive COVID Coverup

A representative for the World Health Organization (WHO), which has had a strong influence on the global handling of the pandemic, has recently made a stunning admission: The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the ruling party of China, is presently engaging in a “massive cover-up” of the origins of COVID.

In a recent interview, Jamie Metzl, who serves an advisory board member of the WHO, stated that the CCP is taking serious measures to obscure the origins of COVID, which include hiding numerous records, destroying varied lab samples, and placing a serious gag order on various Chinese scientists to prevent them from speaking out.

In addition, Metzl also noted that various Chinese journalists have faced severe consequences for asking questions related to COVID, including imprisonment. Consequently, the recent actions of the CCP have made China appear even more suspicious on a global scale.

China has incurred some suspicion from the start due to its control over the initial WHO investigation from the onset while obviating the involvement of other nations. Moreover, the notorious laboratory, the Wuhan Virology Institute, happens to have quite the collection of various bat coronaviruses.

According to Metzl, “the more China stonewalls,” then “the more suspicious” the entire situation appears to be. Metzl also noted that it would not be advisable to “give China a veto” regarding whether or not the WHO continues investigating “the world’s worst pandemic” to have afflicted the globe in a century.

In doing so, it would not be possible to “do everything we can to make everybody safe.”

It is critical to determine the true origins of COVID, which Metzl clearly stresses throughout the interview. He notes that if the origins of the coronavirus are not uncovered, graver risks of a future pandemic exist.

For this reason, Metzl insisted that the WHO must “get to the bottom” of the origins of the COVID crisis, which will involve “asking those tough questions,” as well as “following the data wherever it leads.”

While it was initially derided by the press, the lab leak theory, which proposes that COVID originated from laboratory, rather than natural, settings, has started to gain increasing attention from various entities. This attention has escalated significantly upon the release of reports detailing several researchers at the Wuhan Virology Institute falling ill in the latter part of 2019.