Clinton-Linked Reporter Meets Tragedy, No One Is Surprised

In June 2016, Christopher Sign, a local reporter with ABC15, reported that Bill Clinton, a former president, held a secret meeting with AG Loretta Lynch while sitting inside a private plane on the tarmac at the Sky Harbor Airport, located in Phoenix, Arizona. Inside the official government plan, the meeting lasted for nearly 30 minutes.

At that point in time, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who was also the presidential candidate for the Democrat Party in 2016, was under investigation for receiving and sending highly classified information on her own private email server, rather than official government email servers. However, within days of the meeting held between Clinton and Lynch, the FBI informed the public that Clinton would not be facing charges.

James Comey, who was Director of FBI at the time, stated that no “clear evidence” regarding Clinton and her colleagues’ intentions to violate the law was found, he also admitted that they had been remarkably careless in their handling of “very sensitive, highly classified information.”

Comey also observes that evidence does exist regarding the possible violations of various statues regarding classified information, though he admits, “our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case,” Comey added.

Comey also continued to say that it is important for individuals to realize that the outcome of the Clinton situation should not “suggest” that “a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences.” Instead, per Comey, these individuals are more likely to face “administrative sanctions” or “security sanctions.” However, that is ultimately not what was decided in the Clinton case.

In addition to his reporting on the meeting between Clinton and Lynch, Sign also published a book in January 2020 called Secret on the Tarmac.

Four years after he broke the story on Clinton, Sign has tragically passed away. He had been living and working in the state of Alabama.

The New York Post reported several details about Sign. Noting that Sign passed away “in an apparent suicide” due to both his employer and various reports, the publication also referenced how Sign’s reporting the meeting between Clinton and Lynch propelled him to national fame, given that the story was one of the biggest controversies in 2016.

Sign, who was aged 45, was found by Hoover, Alabama law enforcement at approximately 1:13 a.m. on Saturday, after the receipt of all regarding “a person down” at Sign’s Scout Trace home. Sign’s passing is currently being investigated as a suicide, according to Hoover Lt. Keith Czeskleba.

ABC 33/40 also remarked that Sign “was a tremendous leader in our newsroom.”

Various friends, alongside colleagues, have been sending condolences to Sign’s family. Sign’s survivors include his three children and his wife.