Biden Admin Begins Mirroring The Gestapo

Recently, the Biden administration informed the public that plans are underway for various Americans to report radicalized family or friends to the government, purportedly in an effort to combat domestic extremism and terrorism.

While speaking with various reporters, a senior administration official in the Biden administration claimed that it was important to stop any form of politically motivated violence before it began.

According the the official, the Biden administration intends “to improve public awareness of federal resources” that enable the government “to address concerning or threatening behavior” before a violent incident can occur.

In addition, the Biden administration official also referenced the message underlying the Department of Homeland Security’s push to combat radical Islamic terrorist organizations within the United States: “If you see something, say something.”

The official continued on to detail how the Biden administration’s approach will require “creating contexts” wherein various colleagues, friends, or family members may be reported by American citizens, once these citizens are aware of the “avenues” and “pathways” available to them for “[raising] concerns.”

Presumably, the American citizens can also help the potentially radicalized “seek help” if they perceive their loved ones as becoming radicalized or “potentially” radicalized with regards to violence.

During his inauguration speech, Biden issued a series of stern warnings to the nation about the purported increase in “white supremacy,” “domestic terrorism,” and “political extremism,” all of which need to “defeated” and “confronted.” Biden also claimed that “the most lethal” threat currently facing the United States is “white supremacy.”

Aside from encouraging Americans to report co-workers, friends, or family, the Biden administration is also partnering with major tech companies regarding “increased information sharing,” purportedly to fight against radicalism.

The Biden official claimed that any of the major tech giants tend to know their own platforms “very well,” but he also added that the government is capable of seeing “things,” or “threats of violence,” across multiple platforms. In other words, the government sees the relationship between “violence,” “radicalization,” and “online recruitment” as they play out in “the physical world.”

The DHS also intends to activate “digital fitness” and “digital literacy” programs designed to fight against various forms of “malicious online content” that is subsequently disseminated by “bad actors.”

Nonetheless, the Biden official insisted that these new measures were “laser-focused” on the prevention of violent acts, and that such a focus would not be partisan in nature.

The Biden official claimed that the new strategies are “agnostic” with regards to political ideologies; instead, the new focus would center entirely on whether or not individuals take various political and other grievances decide to take matters into their own hands with “violent action.”

Moreover, the official also detailed how the Biden administration has been taking threats regarding domestic terrorism seriously and redirecting the intelligence community’s focus to a variety of internal threats.

The Biden official noted that the administration is harvesting numerous governmental agencies and allocating their resources appropriately, all while requesting the direct participation of the citizens themselves.

“Ultimately, this is really about homeland security being a responsibility of each citizen of our country to help us achieve,” the Biden official concluded.