DeSantis Goes Above And Beyond To Answer Abbott’s Call For Help

Ron DeSantis (R), the Governor of Florida, announced yesterday that law enforcement entities from across the state intend to step up and deploy several officers to Arizona and Texas, in response to these states’ calls for help while they struggle under the immense weight of illegal immigrants storming the border from Mexico.

Greg Abbott (R), the Governor of Texas, along with Doug Ducey (R), the Governor of Arizona, collectively sent a letter to other governors with a plea for additional “manpower” to help with arresting illegal immigrants. Through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact, governors can call for other governors to help with “reinforcements” during times of crisis.

A state of emergency has been declared in Arizona over the ballooning border crisis, while Texas has been declared a state of disaster. Abbott also announced his intentions to begin rebuilding where Trump left off by constructing the border wall in Texas. Ducey and Abbott have also deployed the National Guard to the border, and they have also routinely begged the Biden administration to take constructive action against the crisis.

Now, Florida is ready to step in and help where Biden won’t, as announced by DeSantis.

Noting that the crisis at the border is one that “impacts every state and every American,” DeSantis continued his statement by remarking that Biden promptly terminated policies initiated and implemented by Trump, policies that were truly stemming the flow of “illegal immigration,” while also “securing our border” and “keeping Americans safe.” DeSantis also detailed how Florida has responded positively to the request from Arizona and Texas: Ducey and Abbott had recently issued a call for help from every state in America, requesting additional law enforcement power and related resources to assist with security at the border.

“Florida has your back,” DeSantis concluded.

DeSantis also held a news conference alongside Florida AG Ashley Moody (R), as well as numerous sheriffs from across the state to detail the plan.

As part of making his case, DeSantis referred to an elderly woman who was brutally “raped by a criminal illegal alien.”

Remarking on how “disgusting” the criminal’s action was, DeSantis railed against USCIS, which was unwilling “to take him and remove him,” which resulted in the “dastardly act” being committed against the woman in Martin County.

For this reason, DeSantis underscored how important border security is for the nation, which is why “the states are stepping up” when the federal government won’t.