“Moms For Liberty” Take Aim At Public Schools

Over the course of 2020, Americans’ eyes were opened to many new realities, including the rapid introduction of critical race theory into public schools. Consequently, by 2021, many parents were ready to take action.

Within the past several months, numerous leaders have emerged from around the country, as well as across the political spectrum, in order to fight against the racially charged, highly divisive rhetoric that is slowly taking over classrooms across America.

Among these emerging groups, one of the most rapidly growing, as well as acutely organized, includes Moms for Liberty, which has opted to create a nationwide network to monitor the actions of various school boards.

This organization, which is also open to fathers and other stakeholders, was initiated give months ago in Florida; to date, the organization has grown to 20,000 members, with a presence in 19 states with 44 chapters, as well as several hundred chapter applications currently in line.

Tina Descovich, who is the co-founder of the organization, as well as a former member on a school board, has stated that Moms for Liberty signifies “liberty and parental rights in education”; thus, critical race theory constitutes one of the several issues they are targeting.

In contrast to other similarly-minded organizations, several of which have emerged specifically to fight against political indoctrination in the public schooling system, Moms for Liberty has opted to focus on developing fully empowered citizens who value liberty, as well as a strong commitment to the United States’ original founding principles.

To achieve this objective, Moms for Liberty organizes events known as “Madison Meetups,” where community members meet in the living rooms of homes across the United States to discuss and analyze the founding documents of the nation.

In addition, the organization also holds meetings where parents and community members can contemplate various proposals and policies being floated by school boards. Moms for Liberty also holds rallies where parents can raise their voices at local school board meetings.

Descovich, along with the other co-founder, Tiffany Justice, observe that their experience as school board members provides them with a unique advantage in knowing how school boards operate, which in turn enables them to advise parents as effectively as possible when it comes to holding the boards accountable.

Moms for Liberty routinely updates its website with regards to new chapters and other relevant announcements.