Democrat-Run Cities Face Ugly Truth About Defunding Police

Across the United States, various major cities have opted to refund police departments, after decimating their budgets as a response to national protests and rioting. Given the rise in crime, various cities are now starting to adopt a different attitude towards defunding the police, as they are now reaping the consequences of that decision.

For instance, Oakland, Los Angeles, and New York City have made moves towards providing more funds to police departments as a result of the increased crime wave. For instance, the Democrat Mayor of New York City, Bill DeBlasio, opted to reverse a decision to remove funding for a precinct in Southeast Queens. DeBlasio made this decision after receiving fierce backlash from the community.

However, in 2020, DeBlasio boldly proclaimed that he would defund the NYPD to the tune of $1B for its operational budget, as well as $500M from its capital budgeting. Additionally, DeBlasio claimed that stimulus funding provided by the federal government would presumably enable the city to begin work on community center, which has been promised in the past, yet never fulfilled.

DeBlasio claimed that the city would be “fully funding the new 116th precinct building and new community center,” which he argued would “improve the quality of life” for the local community, as well as give them “what they need.”

Meanwhile, across the nation in Oakland, California, the City Council voted in favor of providing $10M to critical community services, including for law enforcement and firefighters. The Oakland City Council made this decision after the city’s Police Chief, LeRonne Armstrong, indicated that the police department needed more resources in order to combat the significant increase in crime.

Armstrong noted that his department was severely “impacted by a loss of millions of dollars to our budget” after the City Council slashed police funds in 2020, and some of the biggest resources lost include law enforcement officers. Noting that the city has lost a significant number of resources, Armstrong pointed out that the loss quickly translated into a “tremendous impact” on the community in terms of rising crime.

However, after the Oakland City Council recently reversed course, Armstrong indicated that he was appreciative of the decision to assist with addressing a massive rise in crime.

In addition, the Los Angeles City Council agreed to a plan suggested by Democrat Mayor Eric Garcetti in May, which involved increasing the funding to the LAPD by approximately three percent, in spite of activists’ continued demands for defunding the police. The increase in funding will enable the department to start reconstructing its law enforcement workforce, as hundreds of officers have also left within the past year, just as they did in Oakland and other cities.

Michael Moore, the LAPD Police Chief, indicated that more officers and funding would be necessary to build up task forces that respond to massive riots, as well as establishing relationships with the organizers of protests.

In 2020, demands to defund police increased exponentially due to the public’s outrage over the passing of George Floyd. However, since cities have now seen the enormous increase in crime, they are now devising ways to keep local communities safe, which include refunding police departments that were defunded in 2020.