Trump Opens Up About 2020 Election — Drops This Bombshell

Recently, Donald J. Trump opened up about the 2020 results, admitting that he never “conceded” the November presidential election.

During an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, Trump revealed that he “never admitted defeat,” reiterating that “no, I never, the word is ‘concede,’ [and] I have not conceded.”

In the several months after the presidential elections in the fall, Trump declined to admit defeat under any circumstance, justifying his position based on the belief that the Democrats had stolen the election from him. In addition, the Trump campaign filed numerous lawsuits that includes strong allegations regarding widespread voter fraud, though the vast majority of these lawsuits ultimately faced rejection by the courts.

Nonetheless, in January, Trump did make a video statement wherein he remarked upon the “new administration [that] will be inaugurated on January 20.”

Trump also emphasized that he was very strongly focused on a “seamless,” “orderly,” and “smooth” power transition between his administration and Biden’s administration.

During the same interview, Trump was also asked if he would make an effort to become Speaker of the House during the 2020 midterm elections, though Trump did not give an explicit response.

Indicating that he’d “heard the talk,” including the fact that it was increasing in intensity, Trump noted that it was not a position that he “would have considered,” though he is aware about significant conversations envisioning Trump as the Speaker. Trump also added that he had a favorable relationship with Kevin McCarthy, and that he hopes for the chance to “do everything traditionally.”

Trump reiterated the fact that the nation has long been focused on “free and fair elections,” though they tragically turned out to be neither “fair,” nor “free,” while the entirety of the world is watching. He then referenced the talk about his potential Speaker bid again, though he also added “it’s nothing that I’ve ever considered.”

Trump also did not give a clear response regarding whether or not he would make another presidential bid in 2024.

He did state that a decision would be made on 2024, and he also added, “if you look at the numbers, people are liking me more than ever before.” Given what is currently taking place across the nation due to the Biden administration, Trump informed Fox News host Sean Hannity that he “[guesses] it is making [him] very popular.”