U.S. Olympian Vows To Humiliate America On World Stage

One would think that an Olympic athlete would enter the Olympic Games with a sense of pride and love for one’s nation, given all the opportunities that the nation provided for them to be there in the first place.

Unfortunately, it appears that BMX Freestyle Rider Chelsea Wolfe feels quite the opposite towards the United States.

In fact, Ms. Wolfe apparently hates the United States so much, ironically in spite of her willingness to represent it at the Olympics, that she has openly declared that she desires to burn the American flag on a podium during the Olympics.

“My goal is to win the Olympics so I can burn a US flag on the podium. This is what they focus on during a pandemic. Hurting trans children.” [Source: Fox News]

Well, that’s nice.

That’s also a rather interesting motivation for winning the Olympics, as one would normally think that the pursuit of an Olympic medal would be motivated by something other than pure, abject hatred for one’s nation.

By the way, Ms. Wolfe, how exactly is the United States “hurting” trans children? Last time anything checked, Biden passed a slew of executive orders on Day 1 that focused entirely on transgender individuals, and he certainly has been “hurting” everyday Americans with his ridiculous economic policies and astronomically high inflation.

Even more hilariously, like a typically illogical ultra-leftist, Ms. Wolfe also proclaimed that she loved the United States, and that people who think she hates the United States are apparently “mistaken.”

“Anyone who thinks that I don’t care about the United States is sorely mistaken … One of the reasons why I work so hard to represent the United States in international competition is to show the world that this country has morals and values, that it’s not all of the bad things that we’re known for …

take a stand against fascism because I care about this country and I’m not going to let it fall into the hands of fascists after so many people have fought and sacrificed to prevent fascism from taking hold abroad. As a citizen who wants to be proud of my home country, I’m sure as hell not going to let it take hold here.” [Source: Fox News]

Ok then, Ms. Wolfe.

Would that be the same “fascism” that provides you with the freedom of speech to openly hate your nation on the world stage?

Plus, how can anyone remotely logical proclaim that they wish to win the Olympics in order to burn an American flag on stage, only to whirl around and proclaim that they love the United States?

Frankly, that kind of “love” sounds like the type doled out by abusers to their victims, which means no love at all, but rather absurd attempts at justification.

Plus, given that the world is in the midst of a brutal pandemic that has decimated the livelihoods, not to mention basic food security, for billions of people around the globe, one would think that an ultra-touchy feely leftist like Ms. Wolfe would feel a bit more empathy and perhaps focus on someone outside of herself.

However, everyone knows deep down that leftists are among the most self-absorbed of all, with their virtue-signaling tapped out on ironically sweatshop produced electronic devices, overpriced cups of ultra-woke Starbucks coffee in hand.

And, unfortunately, the Olympics is being assailed in more ways than one.

For instance, transgender New Zealand weight lifter Lauren Hubbard has now sailed into Olympics territory as a female weightlifter, which has greatly discouraged a number of female athletes worldwide.

Anna Vanbellinghen, who is a Belgian weight lifter, indicated that she supported transgender rights, but permitting them to participate alongside biological women in sports is truly unfair.

“I understand that for sports authorities, nothing is as simple as following your common sense and that there are a lot of impracticalities when studying such a rare phenomenon, but for athletes, the whole thing feels like a bad joke.” [Source: Breitbart]

Unfortunately, “a bad joke” is the most accurate descriptor of virtually all Democrat policies.

Author: Jane Jones