56 Republican Reps Circle The Wagons On Kamala

Various Republicans have shredded Kamala Harris over her repeated failures to fulfill her duties as the border czar. Consequently, numerous conservative legislators have increased calls for Joe Biden to remove Harris from her position due to her inability to handle the border crisis.

Earlier this week, 56 GOP congressman sent an open letter to Biden, reminding him that Harris has not yet bothered to visit the border, nor has she deigned to give any assistance to the immigration officials dealing with the crisis. Thus, Representative Glenn Grothman (R-WI), who is spearheading the effort to remove Harris, stated that her actions were totally unacceptable.

Grothman asserted that it is “important to address, one more time, the crisis at the border and the variety of bad things because of that crisis.” He also added that under 10,000 people were attempting to cross the border just four to five months ago, illustrating that “it’s not something we don’t know how to solve.”

The GOP legislators also reported that the U.S. Customs and Border Protection has apprehended 180,000 illegal aliens in the past month alone, representing the highest number in 21 years. In addition, the CBP also believes that a minimum of 1,000 illegal aliens have been sneaking across the border each day, relative to 200 per day in 2020.
Grothman stated that the United States is now “willingly allowing a massive increase across the border,” which in turn “also increases the power of those drug cartels.”

On her part, Harris has repeatedly lied in various recent statements, claiming that she has visited the border. Just earlier in the month, when Harris was asked if she was going to visit the border, she responded that doing so is nothing more than “grand gestures.”

Harris claims that she is in Guatemala because that is one of the administration’s “highest priorities,” and that she will “be focused on that kind of work as opposed to grand gestures.” She dismissed what she perceived as “Republicans’ political attacks.”

However, Grothman, along with the other Republicans, stated that Harris has repeatedly ignored the potentially important role that these major policy decisions could play in terms of the border crisis. In addition, Harris has not even witnessed the thousands of immigrants currently held in detention centers by the border herself. For this reason, it is important that Biden choose a more competent individual to turn around the major failures by the Biden administration with regards to drug trafficking from Mexico and a failing immigration system.

Grothman notes that these policies can result “in separation of children from their families as unaccompanied children come here,” he explained,” especially since it is likely for some of the children to have been “rented by people to come here because they know supposed intact families have a better chance” of successful entry into the United States.

The legislators also issued a warning that the United States can no longer afford to wait as Harris continues to display inaction. Republicans are especially irked by Harris’s disregard for border patrol agents, especially since they risk their lives daily.