Parents Give Liberal School Board The Ultimate Showdown

Looks like Loudon School County, located in Virginia, is learning about parental protections the hard way.

Earlier this week, a school board meeting understandably devolved into chaos after enraged parents challenged an array of different material taught in the classroom, from highly divisive critical race theory to the implementation of highly inappropriate content related to sexuality.

Needless to say, one can certainly understand parental concern over these topics, particularly as they see how the aftermath plays out across the news, notably in the myriad “protests” that have embroiled the nation.

Of course, the School Board Chair, Brenda Sheridan, blamed the parents for the discord, rather than her own county’s abysmal, and dangerous, education policies.

“Tonight, the Loudoun County School Board meeting was interrupted by those who wish to use the public comment period to disrupt our work and disrespect each other … Dog-whistle politics will not delay our work. We will not back down from fighting for the rights of our students and continuing our focus on equity.” [Source: Fox News]

“Disrupt” your work? Really? And what “work” would that be? A full-on indoctrination of students into Democrats’ “thinking” strategies?

Moreover, it is particularly amusing that Ms. Sheridan rather self-righteously asserts that she will not back down from her presumed “focus on equity,” even though such a focus clearly comes at the expense of teaching students to essentially hate white people, or “white privilege.”

Of course, realizing that she has to at least pretend about the Constitution in a public forum, Sheridan proceeded to claim that she strongly encourages feedback from parents (which she clearly does not), or, at least, comment from the “public.”

“Public comment is not only welcome, but encouraged, during school board meetings … The start time for tonight’s meeting was even moved earlier to accommodate the anticipated volume of speakers …

In fact, 259 speakers signed up to address numerous issues on the agenda tonight. This time should have been used for community members to share their views with the board and the public. Even after numerous attempts to ask for decorum, so everyone could speak, those attending insisted on continued interruptions in an attempt to delay and disrupt the proceeding. These politically motivated antics ought to end. But if they don’t, know that they won’t delay our work.” [Source: Fox News]

“Numerous attempts for decorum.”

Kind of like the numerous attempts to stop criminals from brazenly looting and shooting for the past 15+ months? After all, such “decorum” was bred right within American public schools.

Needless to say, Ian Prior, the leader of the Fight for Schools PAC, was not at all impressed by Sheridan’s “arguments.” Even better, Prior used facts (and numbers) to back up his response.

“Over 10,000 Loudoun parents, grandparents, and taxpayers have signed petitions to remove a majority of school board members. As parents, we have done our homework, have seen how our children are being taught and their teachers are being trained …

Those school board members continue to ignore the voice of the unsilent majority and deny what we all know – Loudoun County Public Schools is not a welcoming environment for students, parents, and teachers who put excellence in education before political activism in schools.” [Source: Fox News]

Thank you, Mr. Prior, and thank you for pointing out how much larger 10,000+ taxpayers are than just a few ultra-leftist School Board Members, who enjoy a rather grand lifestyle relative to how little they do.

However, one can certainly empathize with parents, such as Elicia Brand, who merely want their children to have an apolitical education devoid of hate (imagine that, lefties).

“Sheridan’s statement is disappointing and one sided, as most of the taxpayers, from both party affiliations and all races, in the room were there as parents to advocate for all children to have the highest standard of education, free from politics in the classroom, compelled speech, loss of agency, applied shame or fear of persecution … All the families in the Loudoun County community matter, but the Board does not seem to acknowledge that.” [Source: Fox News]

Unfortunately, as long as Biden is in power, it is unlikely that the Board will acknowledge anything.

At least (for now), parents still have a medium in which they can fight back against mass leftist indoctrination of students.

Author: Ofelia Thornton