America’s Least Favorite Governor Faces a Major Reckoning

Looks like Newsom’s rather pathetic attempt to convince Californians not to recall him, mainly through $600 stimulus checks to Californians, did not pan out very well.

Considering that a grand total of 43 of 1.7 million Californians rescinded their signature from the petition afterwards, or 0.00025 percent of petition participants.

That means the recall effort against Newsome is charging full-steam ahead, and he may be replaced before 2021 ends.

Now THAT would be one of the most joyous stories of 2021, assuming, of course, that the Democrats don’t raid the ballot boxes in California to keep their celebrity-friendly, champagne socialist buddy in power.

Given that Newsom is perhaps one of the most arrogant leftists governors out there (which is saying quite a bit), he is clearly totally out of touch with his voters’ needs, as well as the fact that $600 is basically a drop in the bucket when it comes to covering the expense of living in California.

Particularly when one’s businesses are summarily shut down and everyone is effectively on house arrest, courtesy of an overly zealous, and quite draconian, administration.

Which is precisely why the recall effort was led against Newsom in the first place, particularly after Newsom repeatedly flouted his own COVID regulations, gallivanting about like the unaccountable, hypocritical royalty that the Founding Fathers of this nation fled from in the first place.

Of all the repeated debacles that Newsome caught himself in, perhaps the worst of the worst was the French Laundry dinner.

First off, all other restaurants were closed, courtesy of Newsom, but apparently they can be magically opened for him, since he is “governor” and all.

Secondly, Newsom and his friends proceeded to enjoy $15,000 worth of drinks on the taxpayers’ dime, so one can only imagine what the meal itself cost.

Thirdly, and perhaps most insanely, the dinner was not even remotely socially distanced; no one was wearing masks; and the ultimate cherry on top is the fact that Newsom’s “colleagues” were all “medical professionals” who back up his absurdly hypocritical lockdowns in the first place!

Needless to say, the Rescue California effort has been long since overdue, and it does not mince words on its website regarding Newsom’s utter arrogance.

“Under Gavin Newsom’s administration, California has the nation’s highest taxes, second highest unemployment and lowest percent of kids at school. Over 2/3rd of states, including West Virginia, Mississippi and New Mexico, have done a better job of getting vaccines out to their residents …Newsom’s arrogant, elitist policies have devastated small businesses and sent many large employers elsewhere.” [Source: Newsmax]

Not only has Newsom successfully destroyed smaller businesses, but he has also driven away enormous companies whose revenues are necessary to fund all the welfare programs California is known for in the first place.

For instance, Elon Musk became totally fed up with Newsom’s antics and split for Texas, and Oracle followed not long after.

Newsom, who does nothing for a living yet lives just as luxuriously, if not more luxuriously than Musk, likely is too arrogant to realize that money does not endlessly grow on trees in the state of California, particularly when his own policies are nothing short of total deforestation.

In 2003, another successful recall effort was led against incumbent Governor Gray Davis, who was replaced by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the recall election. One can only hope that a similar fate befalls one of the most arrogant governors in recent memory.

No wonder a homeless man recently hurled a water bottle at Gavin Newsom as he strolled throughout Oakland for yet another preening photo op (with armed security, of course).

Ironically, the homeless man was promptly arrested for “assaulting a public official,” and that was likely the first homeless person arrested in California in years.

The state has become notorious for the homeless doing pretty much whatever they want to other Californians, including attacking them with guitars and engaging in other insanely brazen activities, including open, intravenous drug use, though law enforcement is probably banned from doing anything about that as well.

But when a single homeless individual hurls a water bottle at the perpetually smug Newsom?

Stop the presses!

He must be arrested immediately (and, since Democrats make everything about race, the homeless man who “assaulted” Newsom was black).

Plus, the creation of massive “tent cities” that encourage further homelessness don’t usually help, which is precisely why Forbes magazine skewered California’s out-of-control status back in 2019.

Throw in millions upon millions of illegals leeching off the system as well, is it any wonder that Newsom is now facing a massive recall effort?

Shame it took a pandemic to do so, as it seems that the nonstop illegal invasion and massive tent cities alone likely constituted a justifiable recall …

Author: Jane Jones