Trump and Abbott Join Forces To End Border Crisis

Remember Kamala Harris’s rather hastily arranged border trip, which was put together in just a few days and appeared to be a tepid photo op more than anything else?

The tepidity increases when bearing in mind that Ms. Harris opted to visit a nice, safe area, far from the humanitarian catastrophe in the Rio Grande area that she and Biden openly advocated for through their absurd “open borders” policies.

Well, it’s worth keeping in mind that Kamala only deigned to visit the border in the first place due to a rather high-profile visit to the border that will take place today.

That’s right: former President Donald J. Trump and Texas Governor Greg Abbott will be paying a visit to the border, one that will undoubtedly accomplish more than cackling Kamala’s ever could.

Abbott had extended an invitation to Trump to visit the border by his side, particularly since Trump is well-known for enforcing border security while Biden is now famed for destroying border security.

On top of that, Biden selected one of the most ineffective, incompetent officials to serve as “border czar” (cough, Kamala, cough) who couldn’t even be bothered to plan a visit to the border until Trump’s imminent visit was concerned.

Frankly, Hunter Biden would probably be about as “competent” as Kamala is.

However, the reality is that it is American taxpayers, law enforcement officials, and U.S.-Mexico border states that are bearing the horrific brunt of the bumbling Biden administration’s incompetence, as noted by Abbott himself.

“We’ve seen so many people coming across the border who are harming Texans and as governor I cannot allow my fellow Texans to being harmed or endangered … We’re going to arrest people and put them in jail for a long time so they will know they’re no longer going to be getting the Biden red carpet treatment.” [Source: Fox News]

“Red carpet treatment.”

Gotta love that one, as it is so true. Moreover, not only do the illegal immigrants receive the “red carpet treatment” courtesy of the radical left, but they also apparently receive access to public education that even American citizens were closed off from.

Abbott also stresses that Texas isn’t waiting around for additional incompetence from Biden; on the contrary, the state is stepping in where Biden won’t in terms of providing the most basic border security, which of course means the most basic national security.

“Texas is going to do what the Biden administration is refusing to do. Texas is going up step up and secure our border. We will be using every tool available to us under the law. And we will ensure that we build the wall, arrest people and make Texas safe, and send a message to Washington D.C. ‘stand up and do your job.’” [Source: Fox News]


And how much sweeter it will be having Trump alongside Biden while calling for the swamp to “stand up and do [its] job.”

One would think that the swamp should be duplicitous enough that it at least feigns doing its job in order to prove Trump “wrong,” but apparently the swamp creatures are too lazy to even attempt to prove Trump “wrong,” further illuminating the travesty of leadership that is in place now.

Moreover, Abbott is not the only governor who recognizes Biden’s epic shortcomings when it comes to basic national security.

Kristi Noem, the GOP Governor of South Dakota, is deploying some of the state’s National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border to help Texas fight against the onslaught of illegal immigrant crossings.

“Tomorrow morning I’m officially announcing up to 50 National Guard troops to Texas to help secure our border. The Biden Administration has failed to keep America safe. We shouldn’t be making our own communities vulnerable by sending police to fix Biden’s border crisis.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Noem will undoubtedly draw intense media criticism for this move, just as she did for daring to allow South Dakotans to make their own health-related decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nonetheless, while the fictional news media may assail Noem, Noem is well within her rights to help out a fellow conservative state, especially since Biden appears allergic to any real solutions regarding the crisis he created at the border.

“The Biden administration has failed in the most basic duty of the federal government: keeping the American people safe … The border is a national security crisis that requires the kind of sustained response only the National Guard can provide.” [Source: Fox News]

Has it ever.

Regardless, thankfully the autonomy of the states still exists (for now), though the federal government is likely working overtime now in order to reduce such autonomy as much as possible.

With the Biden administration’s lawsuit against Georgia’s new voting laws representing one of the greatest intrusions into states’ autonomy, not to mention one of the more moronic intrusions, as the new voting laws actually expand early voting opportunities.

Of course, the fake news media won’t reveal that inconvenient little fact.

Fortunately, Trump, as a private citizen, cannot be blocked from visiting the border, and one can only hope his presence further reveals the full-blown incompetence of the Biden administration with regards to the border crisis.

Author: Jane Jones