Pompeo Reveals Imminent Danger Of Laboratory Leaks

While the Biden administration may be bumbling about in its blithering incompetence, another nation, quite unfortunately, just might be gearing up for COVID 2.0.

Just ask Mike Pompeo, who is just a bit more on the ball than the average Biden lackey is, particularly in matters of basic national security.

After all, Biden and his border “czar,” Kamala, the ever-clueless vice president, cannot even control the U.S.-Mexico border, whose security was handed to them on a platter by Trump.

Until they destroyed it.

So, is it really any surprise that the United States very well may face another serious issue, courtesy of the good old laboratory in Wuhan, China, otherwise known as the same laboratory that Dr. Fauci has rather questionable connections to?

On top of that, the world still cannot conduct a serious investigation into the real origins of COVID, although at this point, the Chinese have likely destroyed the vast majority, if not all, of the most important evidence.

Pompeo details this rather elaborate coverup in a recent statement, pointing out that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is all too willing to kill journalists, doctors, and countless others in order to cover up the massive virus, and subsequent elimination of liberties, that it inflicted upon the world.

“I know the Chinese Communist Party has enormous control but we’ve seen this before. There will be folks there who it was morally troubling to. They watched the cover-up. They watched doctors die under strange circumstances. They saw journalists disappear. They saw the things that will bother them deeply …

I think the Chinese Communist Party won’t be able to contain this cover-up forever. It may take months, it could take years. I think we’ll get those answers, but, we have to be asking for them. We have to be actively working for it.” [Source: Fox News]

Of course, the CCP has really never been able to ever cover up the real origins of the virus to anyone with a functioning brain cell, given that Trump and his allies have long recognized the Wuhan virus for exactly what it was.

Unfortunately, Dr. Fauci and the other leftists had to start shrieking about Trump’s “racist” policies of banning flights from China, although EU nations humorously followed suit shortly after, in spite of their own attitude towards Trump.

Even more unfortunately, with bumbling Biden at the helm, the CCP likely feels more empowered than ever to inflict COVID 2.0 upon the world, particularly since the US has a clearly lockdown-happy “leader” in charge.

After all, Biden himself did most of his “campaigning” from a basement.

Nonetheless, that is no excuse for rather minimal focus on national security, which is why Pompeo urged Americans to be acutely aware of future realities.

“We need every American citizen to understand what happened and we need both parties on Capitol Hill working to get this information for the American people and for the world. This lab is still open. This lab is still operational. I’ve seen no indications they increased safety procedures. The risk for something like this to happen is very real and we need to know if it came from this laboratory.” [Source: Fox News]

The risk is even realer with bloviating Biden and catastrophic Kamala in charge. After all, if both of them are apparently too scared to even visit the Southern Border, they clearly will shrivel up in total terror in the face of China.

Moreover, whistleblowers from China have increasingly warned about the truth regarding COVID, a truth that lefties should have realized more than 15 months ago.

Li-Meng Yan, a virologist and medical doctor, recently appeared on the Tucker Carlson show to reveal the real truth about the origins of COVID.

Rather unsurprisingly, Yan’s recollection of events is quite similar to Trump’s, underscoring the extent to which Trump, once more, demonstrates vastly more prescience and competence than the Democrats.

“They test it in Wuhan. It gets out of control. They didn’t expect that to happen … At that point, they realize, OK, it’s out. They lied about that. But then, they intentionally allowed some huge number of people, some infected, from Wuhan to travel around the world to infect the rest of the world.” [Source: Fox News]

The word “intentionally” is key, and it aligns exactly with what every reasonable person has long since realized: COVID was a deliberate attack upon the rest of the world, as well as one that conveniently weakened Trump’s position before the 2020 elections.

Furthermore, the fact that Biden has yet to do anything serious about China, not to mention the fact that most of Hollywood and pretty much all of the NBA is in bed with the hilariously super police state nation, does not bode well for the future.

One can only hope for a real reckoning in the 2022 midterms, which cannot come soon enough …

Author: Ofelia Thornton