Staff Reveals Daily Horrors Of Working For Kamala Harris

Recent reports reveal a tremendous level of dissatisfaction and dysfunction associated with the office of Vice President Kamala Harris. These reports include references to numerous anonymous complaints regarding the daily realities of what it is really like to work for Harris.

An individual who has “direct knowledge” of the activities that take place in Harris’s office reveals that individuals are routinely “thrown under the bus from the very top.” In addition, the work environment generally abounds with “short fuses,” which means that it is a largely “abusive environment.”

22 former and current administration officials and vice presidential aides contributed to the report. These varied associates of Biden and Harris provided strong insight into the type of work climate that has been established in Harris’s office.

One source noted that Harris’s office is “not a healthy environment,” especially since people frequently “feel mistreated.” Noting that people generally feel that they are “treated like s**t,” the source added that workers receive essentially zero support.

However, Symone Sanders, a Harris spokesperson, has defended Harris against the accusations levied against her by the staffers, as well as dismissed the low sense of employee morale reported by numerous employees.

“We are not making rainbows and bunnies all day,” Sanders proclaimed, proceeding to criticize the staffers who she perceives as merely complaining about “hard jobs.”

“Welcome to the club,” Sanders sneered in response to the complaints.

However, Gabrielle DeFranceschi and Karly Satkowiak, who had been two of the top advance staffers, left their respective offices in under two months, which were remarkably early departures for White House staffers working in highly coveted positions.

Interestingly, both of these staffers left the team just a day before Harris paid a visit to the U.S.-Mexico border. Harris arranged this visit after waves of criticism emerged in response to her downplaying the importance of a border visit.

In addition, a staffer on the digital team left recently, adding to the list of sudden employee departures.

Numerous critics assert that Tina Flournoy, who is a black official from the Clinton presidency, is ultimately responsible for the level of dysfunction in Harris’s office.

However, Sanders assailed the anonymous sources as cowardly, and insisted that Flournoy is well-known for providing help to individuals of color.

Sanders asserted that she, along with other “black women,” would not have had the professional opportunities that they did, had it not been for for Flournoy.

Moreover, Harris herself clearly was aware of the problems amongst the staff, especially since she is presumably “the most perceptive person on the planet,” per one staffer.

The staffer added that Harris may or may not have had firsthand knowledge of the treatment of employees, but it is incredibly difficult to contemplate the idea that Harris has no “sense of what’s going on.”

Ultimately, Sanders resoundingly dismissed controversies and complaints swirling around the vice president.

“Harris focused on the work, not chatter at the water cooler,” Sanders sniffed.