Biden’s Anti-Police Stance Comes Back To Bite Him

If the Democrats are determined to bring about a massive red wave in the 2022 midterms, they should keep doing exactly what they are doing now.

Which, in a nutshell, can boil down to little more than the ghastly promotion of extreme lawlessness, delightfully coupled with anti-police and anti-American sentiment.

Oh, and don’t forget their constant attacks on lawful citizens who dare to exercise their 2nd amendment rights, which are frankly needed more urgently than ever under an administration that apparently thrives on crime.

Whit Ayers, a formidable GOP political consultant, has pointed out that the Democrats’ constant attacks on gun control are not exactly an ideal way to go about bringing stability to the nation, particularly since violent criminals are not exactly known for abiding by the law.

“Reasonable gun control measures like background checks could conceivably ward off some of the mass shootings we’ve experienced recently, but they will do nothing to thwart the crime wave plaguing our cities in recent months … That surge in crime is a result of demonizing the police in the wake of the George Floyd killing.” [Source: Fox News]

The key word here is “reasonable,” though the Democrats have proved themselves to be anything but with their insane “Defund Police” demands. Which more than one City Council member has actually followed through with, much to the detriment of the city residents whose well-being local politicians are presumably supposed to represent.

Unsurprisingly, albeit ironically, the cities most afflicted with serious crime all happen to be “led” by Democrats, including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago.

Chicago alone has had nearly 2,000 shootings from January 1, 2021 to June 28, 2021, including over 70 during the July 4 weekend alone. Tragically, numerous victims are children, teenagers, or young adults.

Something suggests that “Defund Police” is probably not an optimal response to the rise in crime, though talking heads in the DC swamp continue to spout off at every possible opportunity, allowing the full effects of rage to supplant any remotely reasonable facts.

On the other hand, the vastly more competent Ted Cruz recently excoriated Democrats’ demonization of law enforcement, citing explicit statistics that resulted from their pathetic anti-police movement.

“Democrat-led city councils all over the country have voted to defund the police. Last year, the Los Angeles city council cut the police budget by $150 million, Portland cut $15 million from its police budget, Minneapolis cut $8 million from its police budget, and Seattle cut its police budget by 18% …

Now, those Democrat-led cities are reaping what they sowed – crime rates are skyrocketing. The New York Times has reported that homicides in Los Angeles increased 36%, more than 82% in Portland, and almost 72% in Minneapolis last year, and it looks like those homicide spikes will continue this year.” [Source: Fox News]

Even in the most leftist of leftist cities, one would hope that even the most liberal residents may eventually tire of paying through the nose to live in a war zone.

Plus, the Democrats have long had a reputation for being “soft on crime,” a well-deserved definition that has grown only more acute over time, which Ayers also noted.

“One of the most potent criticisms over the last 40 years of Democrats is that they’re soft on crime and reluctant to crack down on crime … This surge and the forces on the far-left talking about defunding the police feed into the suspicious that Democrats are simply not serious about combating crime.” [Source: Fox News]

Now, they aren’t only “reluctant” to crack down on crime, they all but encourage it, as evidenced by Maxine Waters rallying up the crowds during Derek Chauvin’s trial, all but threatening extreme violence unless she got the verdict she wanted.

Something suggests Chauvin’s 6th amendment rights, specifically an “impartial jury,” may have been violated with such a spectacle.

Not that the fictional news media will ever suggest that. After all, the Constitution is “offensive” these days, along with the American flag, Declaration of Independence, and many other integral elements of American culture.

Plus, to add on to Ayers’ remark that the Democrats “are simply not serious about combatting crime,” it should also be noted that they aren’t serious about national security either.

Which is precisely why a coalition of Texas sheriffs has recently launched a lawsuit against the Biden administration for hurling the conservative state straight into the path of incredibly dangerous, ruthless criminal organizations with its “open borders” policies.

The icing on that poisonous cake is also the fact that ICE officials are prohibited from arresting the most dangerous criminals of all, as outlined in the lawsuit below.

“Since the issuance of the February 18 Memorandum, ICE officers have been unable to take custody of, or issue detainer requests for, dangerous criminal aliens whose detention is mandated by the [Immigration and Nationality Act]. Specifically, detention is required for aliens who have committed or been convicted of numerous crimes other than aggravated felonies, such as: crimes of moral turpitude, crimes involving controlled substances, human trafficking, money laundering, and certain firearm offenses.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

“Crimes of moral turpitude.”

That’s the Democrat Party in a nutshell, for what it has done to this nation and what it is continuing to do to this nation.

One can only hope that all of the pro-crime, anti-police malarkey will epically backfire on the Democrats in the 2022 midterms … Unless, of course, they already have a 2020 election-style “guaranteed victory.”

Author: Jane Jones