Leftists Attempt To Racialize K-12 Math Curriculum

First, the leftists came for the universities, particularly in the second half of the 20th century, which has undoubtedly resulted in the vastly unhinged left that appears to have grown annually (making college effectively mandatory for employment hasn’t helped this trend).

Then, they came for K-12 civics and history classes in the first part of the 21st century, namely through the effective elimination of civics and the total revision of history via an array of anti-American programs, with critical race theory (CRT) representing the current apex of Marxist mania in education.

Now, they have actually stooped low enough to not only destroy history or any remotely humanities-related class, but they have now launched a full-scale attack on K-12 mathematics courses, which should be amongst the most apolitical classes of all.

Predictably, this assault has come from California, whose illustrious educators apparently believe that injecting racist commentary (or, as they mislabel it, “social justice”) into math classes is a really good idea for preparing students to be as competitive as possible in the future.

As much as such news should be “fake,” it is actually quite real in the state filled with who knows how many homeless, not to mention rather arrogant leftist billionaires who now apparently serve as self-appointed “arbiters of the truth,” to use Zuckerberg’s words.

Nonetheless, consider what is really going on in the whacked-out state now.

Apparently, California has decided it’s a good idea to undermine its entire mathematics curriculum because it apparently promotes exclusion, judging from Chapter 2 of the “Mathematics Framework Second Field Review,” which can be found here.

“Cultural relevance is important for learning and also for expanding a collective sense of what mathematical communities look and sound like to reflect California’s diverse history. A focus on equity recognizes that mathematics, over the years, has developed in a way that has excluded many students …

Because of these inequities, teachers need to work consciously to counter racialized or gendered ideas about mathematics achievement. It is common for people to claim that avoiding aspects of race, culture, gender, or other characteristics as they teach mathematics, means they are being equitable; but the evolution of mathematics in educational settings has resulted in dramatic inequities for students of color, girls, and students from low income homes.” [Source: The California Department of Education]

They must be kidding.

Except … they aren’t. As evidenced by that rather disturbing chapter, which precedes others such as “Number Sense,” “Data Science,” and other actual math-related topics.

Apparently, even “2 + 2” is now “racist”

How about Democrats get real and admit the truth: A vast swathe of the American population clearly could care less about real education; they would rather rant, rave, and riot (oh, sorry, “protest”) instead of actually buckling down and working.

The same individuals will then turn around and rail against the United States for “systemic racism,” all while ignoring the realities of their own behaviors.

Perhaps if parents bothered to parent, such “inequities” would not exist in public education.

Ben Carson, one of Trump’s many black allies, has also come out publicly against anything related to CRT in schools, particularly since he himself rose above his circumstances to become a renowned surgeon, experiencing vastly more difficulties in life that ultra-privileged Obama could not even begin to relate to.

Per Carson, he believes that the Democrats are now so extreme that they just might be finally waking up the United States as to what they are really doing.”

“They’re pushing it so hard it is waking people up. We were sort of like the frog in the saucepan slowly being cooked and now they turned the burners up and people are saying ouch and getting active. That is going to help us as a nation.”
[Source: The Western Journal]

Let’s hope very much that Carson is proven correct, as a serious battle for the minds of American youth has been going on for years, with the anti-American elements growing at a crescendo pitch in American education.

Presumably, California has decided to “wait” to vote on this curriculum, though that hardly means the curriculum is dead on arrival. If anything, the insane “educators” are simply waiting for controversy to die down and sneak in their votes later on …

Aside from destroying the American youth, other serious considerations come to mind, particularly given the Bidens’ longstanding, lucrative relationship with China.

Conveniently, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) happens to place a strong emphasis on mathematics education, all in an effort to supersede the United States in the long run (given that many American students already lag far behind their Asian counterparts on mathematics-related exams).

That’s precisely why the Wall Street Journal published an op-ed imploring schools to not let American youth “fall behind China in research”

“Falling behind in R&D would hinder [the United States’] ability to attract top science, technology, engineering and mathematics students and talent from the U.S. and abroad and continue to compete in the global economic arena.”
[Source: The Wall Street Journal]

You don’t say …

It is almost as though the Democrats are willingly holding the United States behind China … Wonder why on earth that could be … And it does not take long to recognize a few potential culprits in this regard.

Hunter Biden, care to chime in?

Author: Ofelia Thornton