Lindsey Graham Turns Table On Devious Democrats

One thing is for sure: Lindsey Graham packs a punch when it comes to opposing the Democrats, and opposition is the name of his game when it comes to combatting the proposed $3.5T “Reconciliation Bill,” otherwise known as a fast-track bill into socialist oblivion.

Which is precisely why Graham would use all measures necessary to defeat it.

“I would use everything in my toolbox. It’s got nothing to do with infrastructure. It’s a tax and spend dream of the socialist left …if we pass that bill, you’re going to have inflation through the roof and if they put legalizing illegal immigrants in that bill, you’re going to have a complete run on the border …

It will be throwing jet fuel on a fire, called illegal immigration. It would lead to an invasion of illegal immigrants if we put amnesty in the $3.5 trillion bill so I would do anything I could to stop that.” [Source: Newsmax]

Fortunately for Graham, the Democrats have provided him with even more tools in his toolbox, especially after their latest fit of hysterics that took place in Texas.

In case you missed it, 50+ Texan legislators abandoned their lawmaking responsibilities by hopping on a private jet to DC, all to disrupt voter integrity.

Of course, they claimed that they were taking a stand against “racism,” but what they were really doing is attempting to preserve Democrats’ rather dubious voting “practices,” the kind that inexplicably result in a curmudgeon receiving multiple millions of votes more than Obama.

That said, Graham figures that if Democrats can do it, so can conservatives, especially when saving the nation is at stake.

“If for some reason they pass reconciliation, budget resolution to bring that bill to the floor of the United States Senate, the $3.5 trillion bill, you’ve got have a quorum to pass a bill in the Senate, I would leave before I would let that happen …

So to my Republican colleagues, we may learn something from our Democratic friends in Texas when it comes to avoiding a $3.5 trillion tax and spend package. Leave town.”[Source: Newsmax]

That’s right. Leave town indeed.

Texas State Rep. Briscoe Cain also excoriated the Democrats for their games and lies, though the party has long since become allergic to honesty.

“It’s disingenuous, they’re lying and they are playing games with the people of Texas … Anyone that reads it … realizes it doesn’t criminalize mistakes, it expands voting access, it expands hours, and protects our elections. That’s it.”[Source: Fox News]

Texas Governor Greg Abbott also threatened to arrest the destructively rebellious Democrats upon their return, who have unwisely vowed to “kill this bill.”

Ironically, it turns out a few of the Democrats have already imprisoned themselves by contracting COVID, as noted by House Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO).

“Three of the self-imposed Texas Democrat fugitives have contracted COVID-19. Looks like they now will all need to be in quarantine. Hope that virtue signaling was worth it, guys! As usual – massive fail!” [Source: OANN]

However, after Boebert’s post, even more Democrat have become afflicted with COVID since then, with at least five Democrats who abdicated their responsibilities now testing positive for COVID.

On top of that, Ms. Kamala Harris has abruptly paid a questionable visit to the hospital after meeting with the rather scurrilous Democrats, or “infected Democrats,” which, in some ways, is a tad ironic on multiple levels.

One can only hope that these “lawmakers” engage in the extensive quarantines that have been demanded of everyone else, including multiple millions of Americans who were locked down despite never contracting COVID in the first place.

Author: Jane Jones