Coalition Of Senators Band Together To Strip Biden Of Power

In a surprisingly bipartisan move, various senators who identify across all degrees of the political spectrum have decided to band together in order to reduce the access that Biden has to various tools in his foreign policy toolbox.

Specifically, a delegation of different Senators introduced the National Security Powers Act, which is designed to limit the influence a president has in foreign policy decisions. This delegation includes Senator Bernie Sanders, an Independent from Vermont; Senator Chris Murphy, a Democrat from Connecticut; and Senator Mike Lee, a Republican from Utah.

Through the National Security Powers Act, it will be easier for lawmakers to reverse questionable foreign policy decisions made by a president. These policies can include emergency declarations, war authorizations, and arms sales. In addition, the bill will also repeal all extant authorizations for war while automatically terminating funding for military operations that lack approval from Congress.

According to Senator Lee, these proposals “are long past due” and fortunately “arriving just in time for us to get some good things done.” Adding that these issues constitute “bipartisan issues,” Lee noted that military issues are neither Democrat nor Republican, neither liberal nor conservative. Instead, they “are simply American issues that we should all be able to get behind.”

Legislators across both chambers have increased efforts to challenge the authority of Biden, particularly after he began launching airstrikes in Syria during June and February this year. Some lawmakers have commented that Biden has abused his presidential authority by engaging in international conflict, especially since he bypassed Congress when delivering the airstrike orders.

According to Senator Sanders, it has become “far too comfortable” for the United States to “[engage] in military interventions all over the world” while simultaneously not engaging in any serious debate in Congress, never mind with the public, with regards to both “the costs and potential unintended consequences of those interventions.”

Thus, it has long since been time “for Congress to reassert its constitutional role in matters of war and peace,” Sanders continued.

At the same time, Representative Jim McGovern, a Democrat from Massachusetts, is anticipated to present similarly-minded legislation in the House of Representatives in the next several weeks. This legislative move is taking advantage of the momentum that commenced late last month, wherein various representatives moved towards repealing two different authorizations of the use of force powers, where presidents were granted enormous authority to send American troops abroad.