Former Police Chief Challenges Leftist Mayor

James Craig, the Former Chief of Police for the City of Detroit, made an exciting announcement earlier this week: He intends to challenge Governor Gretchen Whitmer in the upcoming gubernatorial race in Michigan.

Craig made this announcement during a discussion with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, informing him, “I’ve got to tell you, I’m running.”

The former Police Chief also launched the Chief James Craig Exploratory Committee for Governor earlier in the day as well.

Craig has “protected and served for 44 years,” and he recalled how Detroit did not experience destruction remotely similar to the other cities during the apex of the riots last year.

“The best part, the last eight years here in Detroit, we know what happened last year,” Craig stated, observing that multiple other cities, including Chicago, Seattle, Portland, and Los Angeles, had been “burning,” though “Detroit did not burn.”

In addition to his favorable track record as a police chief in Detroit, Craig also detailed another motivation for his gubernatorial run: He wanted to take a stand for the individuals who have suffered under the strict lockdown policies pushed by Governor Whitmer.

Craig, in other words, is motivated to show Whitmer “what leadership looks like.”

Recalling how small businesses who had been “suffering through the pandemic,” Craig railed against the “handouts” that make it nearly impossible for businesses to hire new employees.

Craig also noted that Whitmer “follows different rules” than the rules mandated to the public, arguing that his gubernatorial run “is about leadership,” and that his efforts cannot be taken away from him, especially since he’s “a fighter.”

Strongly supporting individuals who want to work, or for those who merely need “a hand up” in order to get back to work, Craig rails against the left’s continued push for “a government handout.”

During the conversation, Carlson warned Craig that he may face serious vitriol in the wake of his challenge to Governor Whitmer, who became notorious for her harsh lockdown measures and various hypocritical behaviors.

However, Craig welcomes the challenge, proclaiming, “bring it. I’m ready for it: 44 years, I’m ready.”