The Face Behind ‘Defund The Police’ Revealed — And It’s Not Pretty

George Soros, a leftist billionaire, has attracted significant attention in recent years for financially backing various progressive causes. Recently, it has been revealed that Soros has also been providing financial support to an organization that openly supports the “defund police” movement, despite the fact that violent crime waves continue to overwhelm the Untied States.

Soros, who is also known for regularly supporting various liberal candidates running for congressional seats, as well as liberal candidates for attorneys general positions, donated $1M to the Color of Change PAC, which proclaims itself to be the largest online racial justice organization. Records filed with the FCC and acquired by the Washington Free Beacon revealed Soros’s large donation.

The $1M sum constitutes the largest single donation that Soros has made to date in 2021, and this money directly contributed to the PAC’s continued push to slash police budgets across the United States.

The PAC proclaimed that the police “killings” of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, along with “so many more,” has left numerous people “outraged,” though the outrage has made the racial justice organization’s “movement stronger than ever,” according to a petition that calls for action against law enforcement departments.

The PAC also added that it was long since time to hold the Minneapolis Police, as well as other law enforcement departments “accountable,” which includes “[pushing] for further systemic changes,” as well as “not [losing] the momentum needed to change the institution of [law enforcement] permanently.”

According to Change of Color, it is communities, rather than policing, that keep people of color safe, asserting that “policing doesn’t lead to thriving communities, investment does.”

For this reason, the PAC calls for re-envisioning a society “that functions for ALL of us,” which apparently begins with “divesting from and dismantling the systems that unjustly harm Black people.”

Soros’s $1M donation constitutes one of the most recent in a long string of major financial contributions that the billionaire has made towards various entities or individuals that have openly advocated for defunding law enforcement or indirectly supported a “soft on crime” approach.

In addition, Soros also donated $2M to the campaign of LA District Attorney George Gascon, who is presently facing a major recall effort after he made announcements regarding major changes to criminal reform.

This effort included calls to end cash bails, as well as “a ban on prosecutors seeking enhanced prison sentences,” and it encourages “leniency” for various low-level offenses.

Soros, a Democrat mega-donor, has funded numerous prosecutor races at the local level across the nation as well. For instance, he helped Kim Gardner in Missouri, who is known for releasing 34 of 36 violent rioters who were arrested last year. In addition, Soros also helped District Attorney Larry Krasner, who is responsible for firing 31 prosecutors from his office, as well as ordering law enforcement groups to reduce prosecutions, probation, and parole periods significantly. Kim Foxx of Chicago, who is known for ending felony prosecutions for various crimes, as well as Rachael Rollins of Massachusetts, who openly advocates decriminalizing various offenses, have also enjoyed financial support from Soros.