FBI Busted For Involvement In Kidnapping Scheme

When Biden proclaimed that “white supremacy” represents the greatest threat to national security (using a supposed DHS report to justify this claim), he conveniently left out the fact that federal “law enforcement” agencies are apparently ensuring that such a narrative can be presented as “true” to the American public.

Even when these efforts involve the FBI itself taking active part in criminal activities, ranging from entrapment to kidnapping, and who knows what else.

Given that news reports are just now surfacing regarding the “law enforcement” agency’s rather dubious involvement in the kidnapping plot of Gretchen Whitmer, the Governor of Michigan, as well as one of the most totalitarian governors in the nation.

Believe it or not, the FBI has actually been exposed as playing an integral role in the kidnapping plot of Whitmer, a plot that has long been blamed on supposed “extremists” who worship Trump.

More specifically, at least a dozen FBI informants were reportedly involved in every level of the kidnapping plot, leading many to wonder whether or not the kidnapping plot was driven by federal interests in portraying the white conservatives as “bad guys” and an imminent threat to national security.

Rather than informing, in other words, the “informants” very well may have been convenient tools for furthering the anti-white, anti-conservative narrative pushed by a president, whose son is ironically the embodiment of white, liberal privilege.

The original “kidnapping plot,” as presented to the American public months ago, appeared somewhat believable (though clearly not justifiable), given that Whitmer has rapidly gained a reputation for egregiously abusing her “powers” during COVID.

This egregious abuse predictably led to massive job losses and crushed business operations, and the abuse was all the more stinging considering that Whitmer and her associated routinely ignored the mandates they set in place for everyone else, including apparent revelry at bars.

In other words, Whitmer has routinely governed in the spirit of Gavin Newsom, another flagrant violator of his own rules, though the Governor of California is fortunately facing a recall election, set to take place in September.

Whitmer is also facing the consequences for her own actions, as the Supreme Court of Michigan recently voted to strip her of all emergency powers, a vote that was undoubtedly inspired, at least in part, by the Unlock Michigan Initiative, a citizen-spearheaded movement that has absolutely had it with Whitmer.

“Our Unlock Michigan citizen army collected over 540,000 signatures in just 80 days. Now, 292 days later, we’ll complete our mission with a final vote in the Legislature to end Gov. Whitmer’s rule by decree …

Next we’ll turn our attention to the public health law Whitmer abused to destroy lives, businesses and futures. Don’t bet against our success there either.” [Source: Townhall]

However, despite Whitmer’s insane governing style, the FBI apparently felt compelled to contrive, or significantly contribute to a supposed “kidnapping plot,” which the media has long blamed on Trump supporters, at least indirectly.

Ironically, Whitmer herself praised the efforts of the FBI in supposedly uncovering the kidnapping plot, failing to take into account the role the FBI played in directly orchestrating the plot in the first place.

“I’m incredibly grateful to the FBI and (Michigan State Police) and that gratitude only grows with more revelations about how serious and scary this group was. And how intent they were on not just harming me but harming our law enforcement, harming communities …

The rhetoric has got to stop. We’ve got to all rise to this challenge and stop vilifying and encouraging these domestic extremists to hurt our fellow Americans.” [Source: CNN]

Rather humorous commentary in light of the fact that Whitmer is apparently “grateful” that the troubling actions taken by the FBI merely serve to support a false narrative against “domestic extremists.”

Furthermore, if anyone’s “rhetoric has got to stop,” it should be the rhetoric constantly spewing from the Biden administration, which has apparently decided to fixate on “white privilege.”

Even more troublingly, this fixation may well influence the degree of involvement that the FBI demonstrates in other supposed extremist plots around the nation, as noted by attorney Darren Richie.

“It appears to me that there are allegations, with evidentiary support, that the FBI may have or currently is infiltrating, inciting or spawning alleged fringe group operations in this country … The citizens of this country deserve to know if any of the stories permeating this subject are valid.” [Source: OANN]

The citizens absolutely have a right to know.

However, considering the fact that perpetually subservient Psaki refuses to reveal whether or not the entire White House is infected with COVID, it is unlikely that she’ll make any comment whatsoever on the serious allegations regarding the FBI.

Fortunately, other conservatives, such as Dinesh D’Souza, have rather explicitly stated the reality of Biden’s FBI.

“As details emerge of the FBI’s role in the plot to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer, we have to consider the startling possibility that leading domestic terror organization in the country is the Federal Bureau of Investigation.” [Source: OANN]

“Startling possibility” is perhaps the kindest way to put it, especially when the FBI currently operates under an administration that has put an effective bullseye on anyone remotely conservative …

Author: Jane Jones