Healthcare Union Wages War On Vaccine Mandates

At the start of the week, the Department of Veteran Affairs issued a formal announcement regarding mandatory vaccines, namely that all individuals employed in the federal government healthcare system will be required to take the COVID vaccine.

According Denis McDonough, the Veterans Affairs Secretary, the COVID vaccine will be a mandatory requirement for Title 38 VA healthcare personnel, “including physicians, dentists, podiatrists, optometrists, registered nurses, physician assistants, expanded-function dental auxiliaries and chiropractors.”

In addition, McDonough also asserted that this requirement will not only apply to individuals who work in VHA facilities, but who also give “direct care” to individuals VA serves, as well as individuals who even pay a visit to the various VHA facilities.

In addition, the Veteran Affairs Secretary also insisted that these measures were critically important, claiming that mandatory vaccines must be implemented to keep Veterans safe. Individuals impacted by the recent announcement will have only eight weeks to become “fully vaccinated.”

Meanwhile, in New York City the ultra-left mayor Bill DeBlasio proclaimed that all individuals employed in the public sector must take the COVID vaccine. Should the individuals refuse, they will be forced to undergo weekly tests for COVID in order to remain gainfully employed with the city.

However, United Healthcare Workers, one of the largest healthcare unions in the nation, responded unfavorably to DeBlasio’s proclamation, launching a massive protest in the streets of New York.

The protests centered on a massive hospital group’s policies, which essentially provided employees with two options: termination or vaccination. Presbyterian Health System revealed this new mandate in the past month, ordering employees to receive at least one shot of the vaccine by September 1.

Protestors insisted that they should not have to undergo forcible vaccination in order to keep their jobs, and they jointly gathered together on the main campus of the hospital in the aptly named “Trust Our Voices Rally.”

According to Cara Noel, healthcare professionals remain the “best equipped” to make individual decisions regarding their healthcare, and while the vaccine has been promoted, mandatory vaccines to maintain employment are “absolutely wrong.”

Meanwhile, the White House has remained largely silent on the possibility of mandatory COVID vaccines for all employees of the federal government. However, Biden has openly supported vaccine mandates in private businesses.