Abbott Takes The border Crisis Into His Own Hands

Earlier this week, Greg Abbott, the Republican Governor of Texas, signed an executive order designed to ban the ground transportation of illegal migrants who pose a high risk of continuing the spread of the coronavirus. Abbott provided authorization that enables the Texas Department of Public Safety to stop any vehicle that is suspected of transporting illegal migrants that may have COVID.

Abbott asserted that the executive order was signed because “more” needs to be done “to protect Texans from this virus,” as well as “reduce the burden on our communities.”

Republican Representative Jodey Arrington, also of Texas, recently issued a plea against the White House’s open borders policy, noting that the past two weeks alone have witnessed “a 900% increase in COVID positive people illegally crossing the border into the United States.”

Recently, two whistleblowers revealed that a massive COVID outbreak amongst illegal migrant children has been enormously downplayed by officials aware of the matter. In the official complaint presented to Congress, the COVID outbreak occurred from April to June of 2021.

Moreover, the whistleblowers also revealed that the coronavirus had been “widespread” among illegal migrant children, eventually spreading to multiple employees at the facility.

Underneath Title 42, various individuals can be refused at the border if they pose a major risk to public health, such as testing positive for COVID. However, if this title is lifted, then the safety and health of Americans could be greatly endangered, especially as the flow of illegal migrants continues to increase on a month by month basis.

Just this past week, law enforcement professionals in La Joya, Texas, a town located near the U.S.-Mexico border, warned residents that illegal migrants infected with COVID were being released into the community. As a result, residents may have their health and safety endangered due to the increased presence of COVID in the area, including the deadlier variants that are being witnessed in healthcare facilities across the United States now.

Currently, Republicans are levying heavy criticism against the Biden administration for encouraging Americans to engage in safe precautions for COVID, including wearing masks and receiving vaccinations, particularly since illegal immigrants stricken with COVID are easily passing through the porous border.