Fauci Tries To Give Americans a ‘Morality’ Lesson — Quickly Regrets It

Only in a Democrat-led nation could a figure like Fauci find himself relevant.

Particularly after attempting to conceal the extent of his knowledge regarding Wuhan lab activities, namely the “gain-of-function” research taking place, not to mention lying to Congress about it.

Which prompted Rand Paul to send a criminal referral to the Department of Justice, which, if successful, would prompt additional investigation into Fauci’s potentially treasonous activities, especially as the pandemic continued crippling healthcare services, businesses, and lives across the United States.

In a Biden-led administration, however, chances of anything actually happening with Fauci are admittedly slim.

Which is precisely why Fauci clearly enjoys listening to himself continue to talk, as evidenced by the latest list of nonsense that he’s had to say over the past several days regarding COVID, from masks to lockdowns.

In terms of masks, Fauci continued to double down on the apparent importance of wearing masks indefinitely, and while he claims he does not see lockdowns happening again, he also leaves his answer vague enough that they very well could.

However, he is very forthright in his views on masks.

In yet another TV appearance, Fauci was asked about individuals who opposed the latest mask guidance from the CDC, especially since this mask guidance also applies to individuals who have been vaccinated.

Fauci, unsurprisingly, was fully in favor of mask mandates, and he ultimately dismissed critics’ commentaries, albeit “respectfully.”

“I respectfully disagree with them … There are things that are individual responsibilities that one has, and there are things that have to do with you individually which also impact others, and the spread of infection that we’re seeing now … is impacting everyone in the country.” [Source: Fox News]

“Respectfully” Fauci, the nation would rather you turn your attention to the origins of the Wuhan virus, in particularly turning the spotlight on your buddies in China, rather than lecture Americans about the wonders of endless mask wearing, regardless of vaccination status.

Fortunately, a number of governors continue to blow off Fauci entirely, especially after his treachery has been exposed.

After all, it is a bit difficult to take a public health official seriously when that same public health official has rather questionable relationships with the very laboratories that unleashed the COVID pandemic on the world in the first place.

Recent reports over the weekend have revealed even more troubling connections between the coronavirus and the Wuhan laboratory, as several Republicans have been working away tirelessly to obtain this information for Americans.

Among these report’s revelations, some of the most disturbing included the fact that the Wuhan lab was in need of major “safety renovations,” including with “air safety,” in the months leading up to the pandemic’s outbreak.

The catch? Wuhan lab was just under two years old at the time, and ironically funded with American taxpayer money.

“Such a significant renovation so soon after the facility began operation appears unusual … [these projects] all raise questions about how well these systems were functioning in the months prior to the outbreak of COVID-19.” [Source: Fox News]

Do they ever …

In the meantime, Pelosi is busy fixating on her January 6 Commission, which apparently achieves nothing aside from Pelosi’s insatiable thirst for chasing after Trump, even though he has long since left the Oval Office.

Which is proving to be increasingly unfortunate each and every day of the Obama-Harris-Biden administration.

Speaking of Obama, apparently he is throwing himself a massive 60th birthday party on his lavish estate in Martha’s Vineyard, representing quite the upgrade in real estate from his community organizing days in Chicago (a city that remains, unsurprisingly, disorganized).

In light of the delta variant spreading, Obama’s birthday festivities appear to fly a bit in the face of the latest CDC guidance.

Then again, that is the ultimate leftist way: Do as I say, not as a I do.

America needs leaders that mean what they say and do what they say.

In other words, America needs Trump …

Author: Ofelia Thornton