Kamala Harris Receives A Dubious Honor

Kamala Harris has been serving as vice president for just over six months, and given the age of Biden, she is rumored to be a potential presidential candidate in 2024.

However, Harris has rapidly become one of the least popular presidents in decades, or one of the most unpopular presidents since the 1970s.

Over the weekend, The Telegraph reported on two different polls that were released regarding Kamala Harris. Both polls revealed that only 46 percent of Americans approved of Harris’s performance, whereas 47 percent and 48 percent of Americans disapproving of Harris’s performance.

In addition, the Telegraph also noted that 42.1 percent of Americans approved of Mike Pence, the former vice president, at the same point, with 41.9 percent disapproving of Pence’s performance.

According to the report, Biden had an approval rating over 50 percent when he was vice president, after the first six months of his tenure with Obama. Before Biden, other vice presidents, including Al Gore and Dick Cheney, enjoyed approval ratings that were averaging in the 60 percent range.

Moreover, even Dan Quayle, who was “the much-mocked vice president of George H. W. Bush,” boasted an approval rating of 43 percent, though his disapproval rating was as low as 22 percent. A significant percentage of respondents, or 34 percent, were “undecided” about how to evaluate Quayle’s performance as vice president.

In addition, the report also noted that George H. W. Bush had been “a popular vice president under Ronald Reagan,” along with “his predecessor Walter Mondale.” Mondale had served as Jimmy Carter’s vice president in 1976.

Even though Harris has made an effort to forge connections with younger voters, she has generally struggled to maintain a largely favorable image with the youth of America.

According to a poll released by Economist/YouGov, 41 percent of younger voters, or voters aged 18-29, have an “unfavorable” view of Harris; in the meantime, only 36 percent of younger voters view her favorably.

In addition, surveys from the Trafalgar Group and the Convention of States Action have determined that the majority of likely voters, including nearly fifty percent of all Democrats, do not view Harris as equipped for serving in a presidential role.

The Biden administration has apparently given Harris “some very tough assignments,” among them voting rights and immigration issues, though Harris also “hasn’t helped herself,” according to Professor Larry Sabato, the Director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics.

“She’s made some mistakes, like not going to the border,” Sabato added.