Biden Washes His Hands Of Pelosi — She Doesn’t Take It Well

It’s only a Tuesday, but the week is already looking less than optimal for the likes of Pelosi.

First, she’s essentially excoriated by none other than AOC on the reliably leftist network, CNN, namely when AOC effectively blamed the failure to extend an eviction moratorium on the Democrats.

“The House and House leadership had the opportunity to vote to extend the moratorium … We cannot, in good faith, blame the Republican Party when House Democrats have the majority.” [Source: Fox News]

In other words, AOC indirectly called out Pelosi for her apparent inability to rally enough votes to secure an additional extension on the eviction moratorium, which has unsurprisingly been extended repeatedly underneath the Biden administration.

Ever concerned with her own PR, Pelosi then rapidly wheeled around and attempted to place the blame on the CDC, which was a rather remarkable request, given that the CDC, as a public health authority, does not really appear to have any authority over the relationship between tenants and landlords.

After all, the CDC barely has any credibility anymore as a public health authority, much less any other kind of authority.

Though that fact didn’t stop power-obsessed Pelosi from trying yesterday.

“The CDC has the power to extend the eviction moratorium. As they double down on masks, why wouldn’t they extend the moratorium in light of delta variant?” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Really, Ms. Pelosi? The CDC now suddenly has the “power” to extend eviction moratoriums?

Also, way to go for basically admitting that the CDC is unduly influenced by the Democrats already, given Pelosi’s gloating about the agency “doubling down” on masks.

In addition, Pelosi also demanded for Biden to unilaterally extend the eviction moratorium, apparently forgetting little things like checks and balances.

“Action is needed, and it must come from the Administration. That is why House leadership is calling on the Administration to immediately extend the moratorium.” [Source: Fox News]

However, apparently the Biden White House received the memo that Pelosi was becoming a bit too brazen (again), which resulted in perhaps Psaki’s best press conference yet: the one in which she brazenly puts Pelosi in her place.

“[CDC officials] have been unable to find legal authority for a new, targeted eviction moratorium … Our team is redoubling efforts to identify all available legal authorities to provide necessary protections …

In the meantime, the President will continue to do everything in his power to help renters from eviction.” [Source: The Hill]

In other words, Biden isn’t going to ask, “how high?” when Pelosi demands, “jump!”

Coming from Psaki, that’s about as close to a call out of Pelosi one will ever get, but at least Pelosi was finally called out.

Let’s hope that trend continues.

On top of that, Pelosi has also encountered additional drama from the conservative side, mainly when House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy joked about hitting Pelosi with the gavel, should she end up passing it back to him in 2022 after a (hopeful) Red Wave to take back to the House … and Senate.

“It will be hard not to hit her with [the gavel], but I will bang it down,” McCarthy quipped.

Of course, Democrats went ballistic over McCarthy’s joke, with none other than “Representative” Eric Swalwell, now infamous for his affair with a Chinese sex spy, raging away about McCarthy being an “assailant.”

“America has suffered enough violence around politics … @GOPLeader McCarthy is now a would-be assailant of @SpeakerPelosi. He needs to resign.” [Source: Fox News]

Interesting judgment, Mr. Swalwell. If McCarthy were to resign over a joke, then isn’t your resignation long since overdue after engaging in nefarious intimate relations with a foreign enemy?

Frankly, America has already “suffered enough” collusion with China, from the woke NBA to Hollywood to leftist universities to the entirety of the swamp, from the Biden administration downwards.

Not to mention Hunter Biden’s new and unimproved “art career,” which is yet another opportunity for the Chinese to buy influence. Though according to Hunter, he’s being “courageous” in selling his artwork for $500,000 per painting to “anonymous” (i.e., Chinese) buyers.

Right. “Courageous.” That’s what the swamp calls collusion with foreign enemies these days.

In any case, the week is always off to a good start when the left essentially eats its own, which is precisely what happened when Psaki, of all people, put Pelosi crisply in her place.

Wonder what Pelosi’s next bloviating response will be … Stay tuned to find out.

Author: Jane Jones