CNN To Be Replaced?

Chris Cuomo and Andrew Cuomo have long served as one of the most detestable duos in the fictional news media-ultra leftist Democrat alliance.

And now both appear to be receiving their ultimate comeuppance, in particular Andrew Cuomo, who has been the center of a media firestorm ever since the release of New York Attorney General Letitia James’s damning report on the governor’s apparent long-term issues with sexual harassment.

Even worse, the report also revealed that none other than the governor’s brother, CNN Chris Cuomo, helped him draft statements in response to his accusers earlier in the year, which doesn’t sound like a very “MeToo” friendly action to take.

In fact, some critics even called for Chris Cuomo to leave CNN, or at least take a hiatus, if he could not be bothered to be remotely objective in the case of his brother.

Clearly, Chris Cuomo declined to leave CNN.

Mortifyingly, Letitia James’s report reveals that Chris Cuomo also referred to his brother as the “Luv Guv,” which does not sit very well in light of the serious accusations (and corresponding evidence) against the “Luv Guv” now.

On his part, Chris Cuomo made things worse by showing up on CNN, only to completely ignore the biggest story dominating virtually all other airways.

Instead, he informed what few viewers CNN has left about an alternative topic of discussion.

“We’re focused on COVID here.” [Source: Fox News]

Well, but of course. Better focus on constant COVID half-truths (if that) than the real truth: his criminal brother and CNN’s effective aiding and abetting of Cuomo’s criminal activity.

Including not only sexual harassment, but mass deaths spread across nursing homes.

Which Cuomo disgustingly defends to this day.

“A health order that was put out by the State Department of Health on March 25th, which was from a medical point of view, smart …

They wanted to blame nursing home deaths on that order. They then wanted to blame a report that clearly said how COVID got into nursing homes had nothing to do with March 25th. They’ve taken every attempt to politicize it and blame Democratic states. They then not only politicized that, they tried to criminalize it.” [Source: Fox News]

One word, and one word only, can fully characterize the above: Denial.

Though the chronically deceptive behavior falls right in line with someone who is apparently refusing to resign from being governor now, even when Biden himself has called for Cuomo’s resignation.

Though, on a side note, Governor Cuomo openly blowing off Biden reveals that even the Democrats find him completely weak, never mind what other foreign leaders may think …

Regardless, between Chris Cuomo’s massive presence at CNN and Andrew Cuomo’s supposed governing of New York, the two Cuomo brothers embody just about everything that is wrong with the media-politics relationship today.

After all, CNN did not short of fawn all over Andrew Cuomo for unknown reasons, aside from the fact that he certainly seemed to be one of the most militant governors during COVID lockdowns.

For instance, who could forget the state of New York threatening to interfere with individuals’ private Thanksgiving celebrations in their homes?

While simultaneously letting thousands of rioters and looters roam freely in the streets, of course.

Which is precisely why more than one sheriff completely blew off Cuomo’s asinine request, including Fulton County Sheriff Richard Giardino.

“With regard to the Thanksgiving Executive Order, the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office will NOT be enforcing it against our County resident.” [Source: The Blaze]

Giardino, who holds a law degree, also noted that Cuomo’s asinine Thanksgiving order was “unconstitutional.”

Then again, what is to be expected from a governor who shamelessly (and illegally) locks down his own citizens, while he himself constantly flouts the law?

Fortunately, CNN has started to sail off into oblivion in terms of ratings, with primetime viewership down by 73 percent since January, which conveniently coincides with Trumps’ truly tragic departure (especially tragic for those enduring the border catastrophe now).

On top of that, in the past week alone, CNN has failed to obtain 1 million viewers for any of its segments, including the “highest rated” shows.

Of course, the network will likely blame Trump, like it does for everything else.

However, the greatest irony is this: In this particular case, the absence of Trump clearly means an absence of CNN’s viewers.

Without Trump, CNN fails to be relevant.

However, Trump will be just fine with or without CNN … preferably without.

Author: Ofelia Thornton