Leftist Governor Promotes Illiteracy

The ultra-leftist governor of Oregon, Kate Brown, has recently signed a bill that will enable high schoolers to graduate, even if they are incapable of performing basic math functions, writing, or, for that matter, even reading. Brown also decided to inform no one about her support of this bill

When questioned about the bill recently, she also refused to comment.

In the middle of June, the Democrat lawmakers in the state passed SB 744, which is a bill that would end requirements for high schoolers to demonstrate appropriate math, writing, and reading skills. The elimination fo these requirements is anticipated to persist for at least five years. Apparently, the pandemic justified the reason why lawmakers decided that high schoolers don’t have to read or write anymore to graduate.

In addition, Oregon does not have any standardized tests, due to the belief that these tests are supposedly unfair to minorities. Instead of being tested for basic proficiency, students are given the option of completing arbitrary projects in conjunction with their teachers.

Supporters of this bill claim it will help minority students by lowering graduation standards, and they also claim that the bill will expand learning opportunities. However, the state legislature doubled down on the first objective while showing no evidence of movement towards the expansion of learning for minorities

Moreover, various workshop programs that students could use in the past to learn high school level skills have also been terminated.

Nonetheless, Brown still refuses to comment.

On top of her refusal to comment, she also refused to indicate publicly whether or not she supported the bill. Once she signed the bill in mid-July, she did not have any kind of ceremony, nor did she even issue a press release.

The legislative database for Oregon also was not even update Brown’s support until July 29, which is a massive deviation from the typical procedure of updating the site on the same day that the governor supports a bill.

However, staffers who work at the Oregon Senate office claimed that the website was not updated because “a key staffer who deals with the governor’s office was experiencing medical issues,” as reported by the Oregonian.

Yet this excuse fails to pass muster, given that other bills the governor signed on the same day were mysteriously uploaded without delay, and all of the other bills also received email notifications indicating that the governor had signed them.

However, the bill that allows high schools to graduate, despite being illiterate, did not have any email notifications sent either. Lawmakers claim that the absence of email notifications were merely due to a “system malfunction.”