Cuomo Faces Yet Another Crisis

Democrat Andrew Cuomo, the beleaguered Governor of New York, recently announced that he would officially resign in the wake of massive sexual harassment allegations levied against him. Cuomo indicated that he would resign within just a few weeks, after New York Attorney General Letitia James released a damning report on his behavior as governor.

Cuomo’s announced resignation was met with widespread approval from all over the political spectrum.

However, Cuomo’s resignation is not nearly enough for some of the Democrats, who have joined alongside others in calling for Cuomo’s other scandals to be addressed in addition to the torrent of sexual harassment claims. Of all the varied scandals, one of the most significant pertains to Cuomo’s abysmal treatment of the elderly, wherein multiple COVID-positive patients were sent back to nursing homes, resulting in thousands of deaths.

James’s report also referenced the multiple nursing home deaths in New York.

Per James’s report, Cuomo grossly undercounted the number of deaths in nursing homes across New York by as high as 50 percent, when the first gargantuan wave of COVID engulfed the state. Given the egregious undercounting, it appears highly likely that Cuomo’s own orders directly contributed to these deaths by forcing nursing homes to permit COVID-positive patients to re-enter their facilities.

Ron Kim, a Democrat State Assemblyman, is one of the first individuals that has openly called for Cuomo’s resignation. Kim lost his grandfather, who was a veteran, in one of the state nursing homes.

Recently, Kim was asked about how he felt with regards to Cuomo finally deigning to resign, and he indicated that he, his colleagues, and numerous New Yorkers are feeling a sense of great relief after he finally opted to step aside.

Nonetheless, Kim also added that “we’re also a little worried that we may not get the accountability that we deserve to make sure we understand what went wrong.”

Todd Kaminsky, a Democrat State Senator, also weighed in how he felt about Cuomo’s resignation. He observed that Cuomo tends to be a fierce political fighter, which means resignation was the only path forward for the governor. In addition, Kaminsky also wryly observed that Cuomo ironically has more time in office due to resigning, as impeachment proceedings would have entailed immediate removal.

Cuomo may be resigning, but many New Yorkers have called for a criminal investigation into Cuomo’s activities. If the anti-Cuomo Democrats receive their wish, then Cuomo may well be criminally investigated for his horrific negligence with regards to the state’s nursing homes.