Biden Blows Off National Crises — Guess What He’s Doing Instead?

Joe Biden has elected to depart the White House for a Delaware vacation, in spite of the fact that multiple crises are currently enveloping the nation. One of the most significant issues pertains to the rapid deterioration of security in Afghanistan, which has resulted in the Pentagon sending troops back into the country in a valiant effort to foster the escape of Americans from imminent danger.

On Thursday, the Pentagon proclaimed that it would send one Army infantry battalion and two Marine battalions to assist with this quest. Approximately 3,000 troops from these battalions will arrive at Hamid Karzai International Airport, located in Kabul, in an effort to provide security for various embassy personnel and several other Americans attempting to evacuate from the war-torn nation. Moreover, 3,500 troops from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, will be deployed to Kuwait to serve as a standby force, in case the need arises for additional force. In total, 6,500 troops are being sent overseas thus far.

These deployment arrive as the security situation in Afghanistan has significantly deteriorated over the pat several weeks. Notably, numerous Taliban forces have started taking over broad swathes of the nation as they zero in on Kabul, the nation’s capital. Various intelligence analysts on the ground report that the current situation is utterly dire; some reports suggest that the Taliban may overtake Kabul in the next month.

However, the crisis in Afghanistan is hardly the only challenge facing the nation. In the month of July alone, over 212,000 illegal immigrants were caught trying to cross the border, which not only marks a 13 percent increase over June’s illegal border crossers, but also the highest number in 21 years. The White House previously believed that the summer heat may have dissuaded illegal migrants from taking this journey, but clearly the heat did not stop these efforts. On the contrary, efforts have increased.

The borer situation is also rapidly deteriorating due to the omnipresence of the delta variant, given reports regarding thousands upon thousands of COVID-positive illegal migrants filling detention centers prior to their release into multiple destinations across the United States.

As a result of the delta variant, COVID has begun a massive resurgence across the nation, especially in various southern states, such as Mississippi and Arkansas, which have recorded new highs in hospitalization rates.

In the meantime, economists have indicated that a major inflation measure has hit another massive high, given that producer price inflation has risen by 7.8 percent, which is the highest recorded number over the past decade. This increase suggests that long-term inflation constitutes a valid fear over the American economy.

Given all of these crises, pressure has been laid upon Biden to reconsider his personal vacation. Specifically, calls for Biden to delay his departure and spend more time at Camp David addressing these concerns.

Instead, Biden elected to leave Washington and spend two weeks away from his job.