Cuomo Successor Waxes Poetically About Ethics

Kathy Hochul, who serves as New York’s Lieutenant Governor, proclaimed that she aims to create a “completely ethical” administration for the government of New York as she prepares to become the first female governor in the state. Hochul’s leadership will follow the resignation of Andrew Cuomo, which was triggered by numerous sexual harrasment claims.

In an interview with Face the Nation on CBS, Hochul sated that she wants all the women who suffered from Cuomo’s harassment to be aware of the face that the culture will be changed upwards of 1000 percent for every female currently working in the governor’s office.

Hochul stated that she wants every single woman to realize “they have a role” in the governor’s office, just as she did when she served as “a high school assembly intern.”

“We need that diversity … We need their voices,” Hochul declared, adding that “We’re making progress on more elected women … We’re getting there.”

Cuomo reportedly harassed about a dozen women over the course of his career, which included “nonconsensual” and “unwelcome” touching, per the findings of a damning report released by Letitia James, New York’s Attorney General. After James revealed her findings on August 3, Cuomo announced that he would resign on August 10, or a week after public outcry and massive political pressure.

Cuomo faced pressure from both Republicans and Democrats, including Joe Biden. Cuomo will formally leave office on August 24.

In the meantime, Hochul asserts that she intends to “have conversations” with various women who have accused Cuomo of egregious misdeeds while he was governor. However, Hochul aims for all women to say “there are no barriers” and “there is no longer a ceiling” with regards to her objectives by the end of her administration.

In addition, Hochul also announced that she intends to run for re-election, as well as a full-time governor in 2022. She also added that she has yet to select a new lieutenant governor.

Hochul initially became lieutenant governor in 2015, and she ran once again for re-election during 2018.

“We’re looked forward [to ensuring] that my reputation and the reputation of my administration is one that is completely ethical,” Hochul added, adding that she has run her life ethically since holding elected office over the past 27 years.

“It’s a whole new era now,” Hochul concluded, “I’m excited about this.”