Terrorists Force Biden To Eat His Own Words

A grand total of one month ago, Biden’s Department of Defense Secretary, John Kirby, made rather ironic comments on Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.

“Kabul is not, right now, in an imminent-threat environment.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

As of this weekend, the Taliban was delivering a press conference from the presidential palace of Kabul.

Moreover, it looks like the terrorist group is digging in their heels and enjoying an extended stay, given that the President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, fled the nation as massive Taliban forces swept through the nation and predictably took over Kabul.

Quite the contrast with Biden’s own commentary in July, wherein he claimed that it would be “highly unlikely” for the Talbian to start “overrunning everything.”

“The likelihood there’s going to be the Taliban overrunning everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely.” [Source: Fox News]

Sorry, Biden, but you’re not dealing with snowflake territory anymore, and the likes of the Taliban tend to do a bit more than “cancel” people, at least not in the way self-righteous twits do on Twitter.

On top of that, Biden has gravely endangered the lives of numerous Americans now trapped by Taliban forces, with numerous Americans receiving “shelter in place” orders, direct from the U.S. Embassy itself.

“The security situation in Kabul is changing quickly including at the airport. There are reports of the airport taking fire; therefore we are instructing U.S. citizens to shelter in place.” [Source: The U.S. Embassy]

The security situation has been “changing quickly?” You don’t say …

Meanwhile, Senator Tom Cotton clearly cares more about Americans than Biden does, which would explain why his office has become inundated with distress calls overseas.

The number of “multiple U.S. citizens” in need of help is so high that Cotton’s office has opened up multiple phone lines to accommodate them.

“If you’re an American stranded in Afghanistan, or know one who is, please contact my office immediately: (501) 223-9081 or [email protected] The situation is dire, but we’ll do everything in our power to help keep you informed and to help get you out.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Cotton himself has directly called out Biden’s failure to address Afghanistan on any level this entire weekend, including even bothering to speak to the American people.

“Why is Joe Biden in hiding? … He should immediately address the nation and answer for the catastrophic situation in Afghanistan.” [Source: The NY Post]

A callback from Cotton is surely more likely than the Biden White House, considering that Biden is predictably hiding out at Camp David much in the same way that he hid in his basement “campaigning” last year.

Hidin’ Biden, indeed …

On top of that, Biden apparently refuses to take questions, which multiple GOP representatives, such as GOP Rep. Jim Jordan, have criticized.

“Why is Joe Biden on vacation? don’t think he’s taken one question from the press this entire weekend, so this is a frightening situation.” [Source: The NY Post]

That is a highly frightening situation. Especially since the Taliban have no issue delivering their own “presidential address” straight from a presidential palace that Biden claimed would never be overtaken in the first place.

As for his perpetual cheerleader, Jen Psaki?

“I will be out of the office from August 15th-August 22nd.” [Source: Fox News]

Great. Fabulous time for Psaki to be unavailable, along with her supposed boss.

Perhaps Kamala will venture to Kabul … then again, apparently the border is too challenging for her to visit, much less the Middle East.

Nonetheless, given all the massive SOS calls from all over America, perhaps Biden will wake up enough to do something for Americans.

Perhaps, for once, Biden may focus on actual Americans in need of serious help rather than the hundreds of thousands of illegal border crossers that he’s apparently decided are a greater priority than Americans themselves …

Or perhaps he will do none of the above.

Time will (quickly) tell …

Author: Jane Jones