Biden Assaulted From All Angles — Is This The End For Him?

Looks like even the fictional news media can’t clean up the latest Biden mess.

So, like the classic leftist establishment it is, the fictional news media has elected to turn on Biden instead. At least for now.

And boy, have they turned.

Starting with the perpetual Biden cheerleaders at CNN, given Jake Tapper’s rather fierce commentary.

Remember Biden’s proclamation that the Taliban would not be taking over everything, made a grand total of six weeks ago? Well, clearly the opposite is happening now.

Apparently not even CNN can come up with a reasonable explanation for why the Taliban openly called Biden’s bluff with a global audience.

“That is, of course, a sharp turn-around from six weeks ago when President Biden called it highly unlikely that the Taliban would overrun the country, an assessment that even at the time struck many experts in Biden’s own administration as unrealistic …

Now, as American diplomats rush to shred embassy documents and escape, it seems shocking that President Biden could have been so wrong.” [Source: Fox News]

“Seems” shocking?

Well, Mr. Tapper, perhaps it wouldn’t seem so “shocking” at all, had your network been competent enough to let go of its obsession with Trump even for a mere minute, as a minute (if not a second) is all it takes for you to observe the full horrors of the “president” that was basically shoved into office.

And don’t even get started on the even more horrific vice-president, who can’t even be bothered to go to the border, much less deal with a crisis with the magnitude of Afghanistan.

The “presidential historian” at CNN, Tim Naftali, was even more blunt in his assessment of Biden’s utter incompetence.

“This is the Saigon moment for President Biden and this will be an albatross around his neck for the rest of time.”[Source: Fox News]

Well then. How does that stack up to President Trump’s Nobel Peace prize nominations?

Have to love the reference to Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s “The Rime of Ancient Mariner” as well, the epic poem that gave the albatross its infamy. And that symbol is perfectly applied to the travesty of Afghanistan.

At least one person at CNN is reasonably erudite.

Outside of CNN, other fictional news publications had a field day with Biden, including David E. Sanger of the New York Times, who apparently still couldn’t resist a relatively softball approach in its assessment.

“Biden will go down in history, fairly or unfairly, as the president who presided over a long-brewing, humiliating final act in the American experiment in Afghanistan … Even many of Mr. Biden’s allies who believe he made the right decision to finally exit a war that the United States could not win and that was no longer in its national interest concede he made a series of major mistakes in executing the withdrawal.” [Source: Fox News]

Yeah. Letting the Taliban take over the presidential palace in a few weeks’ time after two decades in the nation is one way to make a “major mistake.”

The vast majority of people would support “fairly,” Mr. Sanger.

Even the ever-opportunistic Liz Cheney, who had no issue aligning herself with Pelosi against Trump, apparently sees Biden as the land of non-opportunity, given her own rather scathing commentary of Biden.

“This isn’t Saigon. It’s far worse … When you have a situation where the very terrorist organizations that housed Al Qaeda as they planned and launched the attacks against us are now back in control of the entire country, they’re going to establish a caliphate …

This is the consequences of a policy of American retreat and withdrawal, and it’s very dangerous … We’ve watched just the absolute devastation of the last three or four days because of the determination that we needed to withdraw completely and because of the way that the Biden administration is conducting the withdrawal. It’s really devastating.” [Source: Fox News]

Well, Ms. Cheney, had you not been so virulently anti-Trump, perhaps Afghanistan would look very different right now … not to mention America itself.

Author: Ofelia Thornton