DeSantis Launches a Counterattack That Puts Every Democrat In Meltdown mode

Ron DeSantis, the GOP Governor of Florida, recently announced his latest counterattack against COVID, which involves opening facilities that provide antibody treatments. Earlier this week, DeSantis announced that the Camping World Stadium site in Orlando, Florida will have the capacity to treat up to 320 individuals a day, completely free of charge. The governor emphasized that he wishes to use every available means to protect Floridians against the coronavirus.

In discussions with various systems, DeSantis inquired, “of your admitted patients for COVID, what percentage of them had received a monoclonal antibody prior to being admitted?”

During this inquiries, DeSantis learned that 90 percent of the admissions had not received the monoclonal antibody treatment; for this reason, the governor opted to begin opening these facilities across the state.

The treatment center in Orlando will be open every day, including weekends, with the objective of reducing COVID-related hospitalizations across the state.

DeSantis observed that the most effective course of action to take when testing positive for COVID has not been clear, which is why it is optimal for establishing centers that provide “early treatment with these monoclonal antibodies,” which include Regeneron among others, which “have proven to radically reduce the chance that somebody ends up hospitalized.”

DeSantis also added that plans are underway for opening up other antibody centers in the future, which will facilitate visits to the treatment center. The Republican governor also gave credit to Donald Trump for the ability to provide free treatments to Floridians.

“The Regeneron … is free,” DeSantis stated, crediting Trump for basically purchasing “all of the monoclonal antibodies once they were being developed.”

As a result, it does not cost “Florida anything to get here,” and it also “does not cost the patients any money to receive it.”

Outside of the location in Orlando, another antibody facility has opened in Jacksonville for treating individuals with COVID.