Biden Turns a Blind Eye To American Suffering — Does This Instead

So Biden emerged from wherever the Democrats have been hiding him … for a grand total of ten minutes.

And did Biden deliver a detailed, not to mention honest, update of the real state of affairs for trapped Americans in Afghanistan, not to mention terrified Afghani allies?

Of course not! Such topics appear to be of no interest to Biden, who literally turned his back on reporters when they began asking about Americans who remain trapped in Afghanistan.

This response is particularly heinous considering the heartbreaking call issued by an American mother trapped in Afghanistan and terrified for her life.

“We are in danger. We are in danger Mr. President, please help us … Our lives are in extreme danger and I don’t know how long it’s going to continue. They are going to people’s homes at night and they are just taking them away.” [Source: Fox News]

Meanwhile, Psaki openly lies about trapped Americans while Biden just turns his back on them.

Nothing short of treason.

Needless to say, Matt Whitlock, a strategist for the GOP, was flabbergasted by this response.

“Blown away that Biden used his remarks on the crisis in Afghanistan — where more than 10,000 American lives could be at risk — to hype a partisan election overhaul bill. Imagine being a stranded American and seeing that you’re the THIRD ITEM on his to-do list.” [Source: Fox News]

Well, apparently for Ms. Pelosi, spending trillions of dollars that the government doesn’t even have is a vastly higher priority than dealing with a real crisis.

Clearly, what Nancy says, Biden does, considering Nancy herself was out recently, yapping away about spending more trillions on nonsense. Once she could stop herself from partying, that is, without a mask, of course.

Once Pelosi finished gallivanting about with an obscenely rich, not at all diverse, crowd, she returned to D.C. where she promptly began trumpeting about launching massive federal spending packages.

“I am committing to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill by September 27 … I do so with a commitment to rally House Democratic support for its passage.” [Source: Fox Business]


How about “committing” all efforts to rescue Americans trapped in Afghanistan before yapping away about utterly partisan spending bills?

In particular bills that will undoubtedly call for a massive rise in taxes, no less. On top of skyrocketing inflation.

However, Pelosi’s priorities are apparently Biden’s priorities, and he spent a grand total of ten minutes essentially doing Pelosi’s bidding while utterly ignoring any and all questions related to Afghanistan.

Fortunately, Biden literally turning his back on Americans has not gone unnoticed by numerous individuals, who have openly called out Biden’s unconscionable response to the crisis in Afghanistan.

Ric Grenell, who served as a vastly more competent Director of National Intelligence (DNI) under Trump, not only called out Biden’s absence of real priorities, but also the apparent delusion in which the White House dwells.

“The White House can’t feel the moment. They aren’t in reality. It’s all a white paper to them. Biden talking about infrastructure and climate change while Americans are trapped.” [Source: Fox News]

The White House appears unable to “feel” anything, unless it is an absolutely relentless bloodthirst for power. After all, they were willing to paralyze the entire nation, and now apparently hurl the world into complete chaos, all in order to maintain their pathetic power.

Frankly, Biden is so utterly detached from reality it’s no wonder that Hunter has shored up shady connections all over the planet … and who knows what role those particular connections play in this entire mess.

Especially since footage of Hunter ranting about being “blackmailed” by Russians inconveniently leaked out shortly before Biden’s ghastly withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Needless to say, the Russians and Chinese certainly aren’t displeased by the United States’ abrupt departure … considering their newfound dominance in the mineral-rich region.

You know, the same kind of minerals that China previously gave Hunter … the ones that the (conservative/foreign) media is aware of … who knows what the “president” himself is aware of.

After all, Biden’s continued refusal to take questions on Afghanistan raises more questions than ever … with even darker implications.

Author: Jane Jones