Felon Busted With Hundreds Of Mail-In Ballots … And Something More

Several hundred ballots for the upcoming gubernatorial recall election have been found in a vehicle, where a felon was found passed out inside. The ballots are specific to the recall election for Governor Gavin Newsom, who has faced heavy criticism for his handling of the COVID pandemic.

Alongside hundreds of mail-in ballots for the recall election, a loaded firearm and several narcotics were also found.

The Torrance Police Department made the troubling discovery after they received a call regarding a man who was passed out in the vehicle of a 7-Eleven parking lot in Torrance, California.

Over the course of their investigation, the officers soon learned that the suspect was a convicted felon, and he had Xanax pills in his possession. Furthermore, the felon also was in possession of at least 300 mail-in ballot for the upcoming recall election of the beleaguered governor of California.

Furthermore, the police also found a loaded gun, alongside methamphetamine and a scale, likely used for weighing narcotics. In addition, the felon also had numerous California driver’s licenses, as well as credit cards, in other people’s names.

Police state that the new election ballots were being sent to the individuals identified in the investigation, though the incident is not presently tied to any other thefts of election ballots.

It is unclear how the suspect obtained several hundred mail-in ballots and it is also unclear what the suspect intended to do with all the mail-in ballots. Law enforcement indicated that the criminal incident will be investigated in conjunction with the Los Angeles County District Attorney Public Integrity Unit, alongside the U.S. Postal Service.

The suspect currently faces numerous charges regarding weapons, narcotics, and forgery; his name has yet to be released.

The gubernatorial election will be held on September 14. The recall movement bean in June 2020 due to Newsom’s egregiously irresponsible handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

The recall effort gained additional traction in November 2020, after Newsom was spotted dining inside a three-star Michelin restaurant without a mask. The governor was also surrounded by numerous other individuals who do not live inside his household.