Biden Busted Colluding With The Taliban — Guess What He Told Them?

Recently, United States military officials announced that the United States “will continue to coordinate” with the Taliban in helping Americans receive safe passage to the international airport in Kabul, Afghanistan. Recently, suicide bombers carried out a tragic attack on the airport, which resulted in the deaths of 12 American service members, as well as the injuries of 15 other individuals.

Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr, who is a Marine Corps General and commander of U.S. Central Command, observed during a press briefing that the evacuation efforts out of the international airport in Afghanistan, the Harmid Karzai International Airport, will continue. McKenzie also added that the United States has been sharing sensitive “information with the Taliban” in order to prevent the attacks.

Specifically, McKenzie admitted to sharing “versions of this information” with various individuals within the Taliban, presumably so that the Taliban can do some of the “searching out there for [the American government].”

McKenzie also believes that “some attacks have been thwarted by [the Taliban]” as a result of sharing this information. He also noted that it is possible to give reduced levels of information to the Taliban, and that the terrorist organization does not receive “the full range of information that [the United States] has.”

However, somehow the United States is able to “give [the Taliban] enough time to act and space to try and prevent these attacks.”

According to McKenzie, the Taliban “are actually providing the outer security around the airfield,” which is why the American government has been “reaching out to the Taliban.”

In addition, the Taliban presumably “know what we expect them to do to protect us,” McKenzie asserted, which is why “we will continue to coordinate with them going forward.”

Two massive explosions tragically struck Kabul earlier in the day on Thursday. One attack occurred just outside of Abbey Gate, located at the airport. The other attack was near to the Baron Hotel, where Americans have been previously evacuated via helicopter to the international airport in Kabul.

Joe Biden has met with his team of national security advisors, and he will continue to receive updates throughout the day, according to the White House. Meanwhile, the Department of State has informed congressional staff to stop sending messages that direct Americans to the airport, given the present security situation.