FDA Headquarters Just Became a Ghost Town — And The Reason Why Terrifies Democrats

Looks like the FDA isn’t very happy about the Biden administration effectively bossing around the entire agency.

First, the Biden administration rather obviously laid pressure upon the FDA to rapidly approve one of the COVID vaccines, if only to make vaccine mandates for various workplaces, not to mention basic enjoyment of life, more “justified.”

Secondly, the Biden administration is now openly pushing booster shots before the FDA has even begun to tackle clearance for additional COVID shots.

Consequently, Dr. Marion Gruber, who presently serves as the Director of the FDA’s Office of Vaccines Research and Review, along with her deputy, Dr. Philip Krause, have resigned from the FDA and will be leaving in the coming weeks.

On its part, the FDA has remained largely mum about the departures, instead offering vague commentary regarding how it will continue working with Biden and his “all of government approach.”

“We understand the importance of additional vaccine doses for control of this pandemic and will move as rapidly as possible to evaluate all submissions … Responding to this pandemic requires an all of government approach. FDA has and will continue to make regulatory decisions. And the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s vaccine advisory committee] will continue to make clinical recommendations.” [Source: Newsmax]

However, behind the scenes, tension has started rising regarding the federal government’s rather outsized role in public health guidance, especially when that role appears to supersede the influence of health officials themselves.

For instance, Helen Talbot, who works as an infectious-disease specialist at Vanderbilt University and serves as a member of CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, observes that numerous healthcare providers in Southern states have started providing healthcare workers with booster shots, in spite of the absence of FDA approval.

Consequently, Talbot is also warning of the dangers involved when the federal government, rather than public health authorities, attempts to muscle its way into various public health recommendations.

“This highlights, critically, the need for any vaccine recommendations to go through the normal avenues and not come out from outside … It is very frightening to me that healthcare providers, trying to do the best job that they can, are taking guidance from HHS and White House, and now have put themselves at risk.” [Source: Politico]

Biden has been incredibly irresponsible since taking office, and the rather slipshod approach to vaccine mandates and mandated masks, not to mention a host of other demands upon the public that would not have even been conceived of just two years ago, continue to throttle an American public already worn out from less than a year of Democrats in charge.

In addition, Biden’s behavior with booster shots now is even more problematic when considering one of his many “campaign promises” regarding COVID.

“[The COVID response] requires clear, science-based, and nationwide public health guidance — including a clear, consistent message from the very top of our government.” [Source: Joe Biden Campaign]

Well, since the federal government is apparently now ignoring the FDA and telling the FDA what to do, rather than the other way around, it seems that Biden has abandoned this so-called “science.”

For that matter, the same approach has been used with the CDC, such as when Pelosi demanded an extension of the eviction moratorium.

Paul Offit, who works as University of Pennsylvania infectious disease expert and who serves on FDA’s vaccine advisory committee, also observed the rather heavy-handed approach from the Biden administration.

“[It was] the administration’s booster plan; it wasn’t the FDA’s booster plan … The administration has kind of backed themselves up against the wall a little bit here.” [Source: Politico]

In addition, the World Health Organization (WHO) is also pleading with the United States and other nations pushing booster shots to wait until the remainder of the world has been more successfully inoculated against the virus, particularly since the data and science underlying booster shots is far from complete.

However, just as Biden utterly abdicated his responsibilities in Afghanistan, it is not surprising that he is also utterly abdicating his pledge to “follow the science.”

When it comes to a Biden administration, politics always comes first, whereas Americans routinely come last …

Author: Jane Jones