Lindsey Graham Openly Calls Out Biden’s Lies

Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican from South Carolina, recently stated that the White House was openly lying about the number of Americans who had been left behind in Afghanistan. Graham was referring to the number of individuals left behind after the last U.S. planes departed from the nation, which has now fallen into the hands of the Taliban.

Thus far, the Biden administration has failed to provide an exact number regarding how many individual Americans remain in the nation. Instead, the administration has merely cited “low hundreds” as the total number.

Graham, however, was unimpressed by the Biden administration’s commentary, adding that Biden knew that Americans would ultimately be left behind.

“I think [Biden] lied to us,” Graham proclaimed, adding that several hundred, if not several thousand, Americans have been left behind. In addition, the Biden administration also abandoned tens of thousands of Afghan civilians.

Not only has Biden lied about the number of Americans left behind, but he is also “lying to [Americans] about the threat [they] face from Afghanistan.”

Earlier this week, Biden claimed that 5,500 Americans had been evacuated. In addition, the United States Central Command Cmdr. General Kenneth “Frank” McKenzie also provided similar estimates, claiming that 6,000 individual Americans had been evacuated in total. Any number of Americans remaining behind would be in the “very low hundreds,” according to McKenzie.

Graham also remarked upon a report about Biden’s apparent communications with Ashraf Ghani prior to the fall of the Afghan army, in particular Biden’s comments that the “perception” of the situation with the Taliban needed to be altered to the public.

In other words, Biden was publicly proclaiming that the Afghan withdrawal would not be a Saigon, though he was also simultaneously discussing the possibility of the withdrawal becoming like Saigon with Ghani.

Consequently, “they’re lying through their teeth,” Graham asserted.