SCOTUS Enrages Hillary — She Can’t ‘Epstein’ Her Way Out Of This

If the left was pissed after the Texas Supreme Court decision, then the left will really get pissed over the U.S. Supreme Court decision.

Recently, Texas managed to enrage the left once again after the successful passage of legislation that prohibits abortions once a fetal heartbeat can be detected, typically around the six-week mark.

Needless to say, Democrats are not very happy about the passage of this law, and they immediately turned an individual state’s law into a national circus, culminating in an emergency request for the U.S. Supreme Court to deny the Texas law from going into effect.

However, in a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court declined to block the law from going into effect, which represented yet another win for Abbott and the state of Texas, as well as another round of rage from the left.

And the left is quite pissed now.

Ironically, the Supreme Court made its decision based upon procedure, rather than constitutionality, which means that Texas legislation is not immune from legal challenges in the future.

However, despite the procedural, rather than constitutional, decision, the Supreme Court has now found itself in the crosshairs of various ranting and raving leftists, who will undoubtedly be spouting off about the need to “pack the Court” in the coming months.

And, surprise, surprise, one of the most militant leftists of them all opted to weigh in very shortly after the Court’s decision.

Apparently, Hillary Clinton has become tired of her silence (though many Patriotic Americans certainly haven’t tired of it), and she decided to weigh in on Twitter, predictably raging about the Court’s decision in the most melodramatic fashion possible.

“The Supreme Court officially overturned five decades of settled law and permitted Texas’ unconstitutional abortion ban to stand … Yes: They gutted Roe v. Wade without hearing arguments, in a one-paragraph, unsigned 5-4 opinion issued in the middle of the night.” [Source: Newsmax]

“Gutted?” Wow. That’s a pretty strong statement.

Plus, since Texas is an individual state, it is not as though Abbott unilaterally “gutted” abortion across the nation, though Clinton is clearly catering to a different (non-logical) audience.

Interestingly, the National Review called out Ms. Clinton for her rather incendiary tweet, deftly pointing out that she clearly hadn’t even bothered to read it.

“If Clinton had read the Court’s opinion, it should have been immediately clear that its decision did not turn on the constitutional matter of whether the right to an abortion can be found in the Constitution, but on a much more mundane procedural question.” [Source: Newsmax]

Many things should be “immediately clear” to the left (frankly, likely are clear to the leftist masterminds), but little things like logic and reason tend to not sit well with the left’s permanently enraged base.

Which would explain why Psaki just about bit the head off of a male reporter, Owen Jensen from EWTN, a Catholic News Network. Apparently, Jensen enraged Psaki by daring to raise an issue with Biden’s seemingly confusing support of abortion, given that he also proclaims himself to be Roman Catholic.

Psaki, clearly pissed off at having to answer a logical question, made unfavorable headlines for snarling in response to Jensen’s question.

“He believes it is up to a woman to make those decisions and up to a woman to make those with her doctor … I know you’ve never faced those choices, nor you have never been pregnant, but for women out there who have faced those choices this is an incredibly difficult thing and the president believes their rights should be respected.” [Source: Fox News]

Clearly, Psaki became so pissed off that she forgot who the Democrats cater to: individuals who apparently no longer believe in gender.

In other words, how dare Psaki inform a male reporter that he has “never” faced such troubling decisions! What if he were to identify as a woman? Or what about the various LGBTQ couples that Biden is constantly catering to?

It seems that Psaki herself forgot to be “woke,” though the Twitter army will be sure to correct her accordingly …

Author: Ofelia Thornton