Lindsey Graham Makes Ominous Prediction On America’s Future

Biden and the rest of his feckless administration may dodge questions on Afghanistan like crazy, but they will not be able to dodge the reality of what they’ve created indefinitely.

For instance, Senator Lindsey Graham, a stalwart Trump ally, believes that it is very likely that the United States will ultimately end up in Afghanistan again, given the enormous threat posed by the newly strengthened Taliban.

“We’ll have to because the threat will be so large … Why did we go back to Syria and Iraq? Why do we have 5,000 troops in Iraq today? [It’s] because of the caliphate rising, projecting force outside of Iraq, killing Americans, killing the French, attacking the British …So, yes, it will be a cauldron for radical Islamic behavior. You cannot deal with this over the horizon.” [Source: Newsmax]

Not only will the threat become enormous, in all likelihood, but the threat is also very real for Americans still trapped in Afghanistan due to Biden’s ill-fated decisions, not to mention the fact that Biden is apparently more keen on keeping his word to the Taliban than he is to other Americans that he supposedly represents.

Already, multiple news reports have started surfacing of the Taliban interfering with Americans’ ability to leave the nation, which comes as a surprise to exactly no one.

A surprise to exactly no one aside from Biden and his henchmen, perhaps, as National “Security” Adviser Jake Sullivan apparently believed that that the Taliban would provide “safe passage” to Americans.

“The Taliban have informed us that they are prepared to provide the safe passage of civilians to the airport, and we intend to hold them to that commitment.” [Source: Fox News]

Well then, Mr. Sullivan, if the Taliban said so, then it must be true!

Clearly, the Taliban are not terribly interested in the “safe passage” of Americans, as stated by multiple representatives, and one can only desperately hope that other means of evacuation become available as Biden is apparently finished with Afghanistan.

Which is precisely why various individuals strongly impacted by 9/11/01 are finished with him.

Nic Haros, Jr., the son of 9/11 victim Frances Haros, blasted Biden as the “killer-in-chief,” demanding that the president remain away from Ground Zero on 9/11/21.

“I am demanding that President Biden dare not show his face at Ground Zero on 9/11 … It is now holy ground, and I really don’t think he has a place there …

He is insensitive, and he shows no compassion to the families … No, Joe, no victory; we are now in the Afghanistan War 2.0. Those resurrected victims kept America safe from harm all those years. Biden must not dishonor their grace and patriotism, for he has none.” [Source: Newsmax]

Sadly, the Democrats attempted to portray Biden as some kind of ultra-sensitive, caring person in comparison to Trump, though it is quite clear who has truly been sensitive towards Americans and their needs over the course of time.

Graham also pointed out that excessive partisanship really will not change the reality of what is now facing the world, courtesy of Biden: a newly empowered Taliban that is eager to reinstate its incredibly draconian theocracy in Afghanistan.

Which is directly contrary to Western interests, as Graham observes.

“Whether you like [former President Donald Trump] or not, whether you believe it’s Trump’s fault or Biden’s fault, here’s where we are as a world: The Taliban are not reformed, are not new …

They have a view of the world out of sync with modern times. They’re going to impose a lifestyle on the Afghan people that I think is going to make us all sick to our stomach.” [Source: Newsmax]

Countless women are already starting to experience a life of horror under the Taliban, and what is especially sad to contemplate is the likelihood of teenage girls growing up in a nation starting to show respect for women, only to have that change yanked away by an American president interested in looking good for the media.

On top of inflicting horrors upon the Afghan population, the Taliban is also a little too eager to work alongside other anti-Western terrorist organizations, as Graham observed.

“Most importantly, they’re going to give safe haven to al-Qaida who has ambitions to drive us out of the Middle East and attack us because of our way of life. We will be going back into Afghanistan as we went back into Iraq and Syria.” [Source: Newsmax]

Graham also referenced “the deterioration of the military during the Obama years,” illustrating yet another way in which Biden is apparently “finishing the job” of Obama’s administration.

No wonder American allies are blasting Biden as remarkably dangerous to world stability and order, though Special Operations Staff Sgt. Trevor Coult of the United Kingdom has one of the best comments to date.

“Biden is the most incompetent president in the history of the United States … He has befriended terrorists. The White House is not a friend to the West. It’s a danger while he is president …

We believe Biden is more of a threat to the West than the Taliban ever was. Without a shadow of a doubt. He betrayed us.” [Source: The Washington Examiner]

Spot on …

Author: Ofelia Thornton