Biden Betrayed By One Of His Own — And It’s Only The Beginning

Very, very fortunately, a “moderate” Democrat remains in the Senate: Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia.

One may certainly question why Manchin chooses to remain aligned with such a radicalized party.

However, the reality is that Manchin’s continued presence amongst the Democrats may well be one of the best defenses remotely moderate individuals have against an increasingly aggressive federal government, not to mention an increasingly loud squad.

After all, the Democrats unfortunately dominate the executive and legislative branches, and they’re apparently blowing off the judicial branch, so a better line of defense these days probably involves an individual who actually will stand up to the Democrats every now and then within the Democrat party.

And that would clearly be Manchin, at least in the case of the runaway spending the Democrats are aggressively pushing.

“He will not have my vote on 3.5 [trillion dollars] … Chuck [Schumer] knows that. We’ve talked about this … We already put out $5.4 trillion and tried to help Americans in every way we possibly can. A lot of the help we put out there is still there and is going to run until clear of next year 2022.” [Source: Newsmax]

Pretty frightening, really, to think about just how wasteful the Democrats really are.

After all, Manchin indicates that trillions have already gone out the door, and on top of that, are set to last well into 2022 … yet Democrats are still demanding trillions more.

Despite not being able to spend several billion, which Manchin also observes.

“There’s $60 billion that’s not out the door yet. Only thing I’m saying is why the urgency to spend another $300 billion toward that when you don’t have $60 billion that went out?” [Source: Newsmax]

“Urgency.” Now that is a great way to put it.

After all, with monies set to last well into 2022, why demand so many trillions upon trillions now?

Manchin touched again on “urgency” in his opposition to the senseless spending of millions, noting that the current urgency is nothing like the American Rescue Plan urgency.

“What’s the urgency? What’s the urgency we have? It’s not the same urgency we had with the American Rescue Plan. We got that out the door quickly, about $2 trillion. On top of that, with the C.A.R.E.S package, leading up to that …

There’s still an awful lot of people you need to help, but you have 11 million jobs that aren’t filled right now. Something is not matching up. Don’t you think we ought to hit the pause and find out?” [Source: Newsmax]

It has long since been time to hit the pause button, starting with Biden’s presidency himself.

From 17 executive orders on Day 1 (dozens upon dozens upon dozens now), not to mention trillions flying out the door, Biden has not exactly soothed the nation’s fears regarding a perilous economy.

Hurling in a bunch of vaccine mandates at companies already struggling isn’t the best way to help assuage economic fears either.

Senator Sanders, the socialist who never met a multi-trillion dollar spending package that he didn’t like, has already gone after Manchin for daring to be moderate.

And, like your classic leftist, Sanders’s commentary was devoid of facts and full of self-righteous ranting.

“I don’t think it’s acceptable to the president, to the American people, or to the overwhelming majority of the people in the Democratic Caucus.” [Source: The Washington Examiner]

Guess what, Sanders?

The United States itself really isn’t “acceptable” to our own allies right now, courtesy of Afghanistan, so please. Plus, stop ranting about working class people when your base doesn’t even work anymore (assuming it ever did).

What’s really “unacceptable” is the fact that much of Democrats’ waste literally ends up in enemy hands, as it just did in Afghanistan.

And Trump has already sounded the alarm about what may happen now.

“I guarantee that China and Russia already have our Apache helicopters and they’re taking them apart to find out exactly how they’re made. They’re the best in the world by far. And they’re taking them apart so they can make the exact same equipment. They’re very good at that. It’s a disgrace.” [Source: Fox News]

So, in other words, the Taliban is now filthy rich selling U.S. military hardware to Russia and China, all so that a befuddled “president” can have a 9/11 photo op while shamelessly pushing trillions more in waste.

America last, indeed …

Author: Ofelia Thornton