Recall Election Looms Over Newsom

Today is the day.

The gubernatorial recall race in California has officially reached its crescendo pitch, given that a clear victor in the Elder v. Newsom race should be announced tonight.

Unless, of course, California pulls a Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, or a number of other states in 2020, which took significant time announcing which presidential candidate won the electors of their state.

Elder has turned up his campaign in earnest, and it is safe to say that his supporters are a bit more coherent than Newsom’s.

For instance, consider the following commentary from Rose McGowan, a celebrity activist who recently revealed she is no longer a Democrat after realizing the truth of the radical left.

Which is precisely why she is urging Californians to vote for Elder, in spite of some policy disagreements. In McGowan’s view, Elder represents not only the better candidate, but the better person, period.

“Everyone who has harassed, stalked, and stolen from me in my time in Hollywood has been a Democrat … Why not change? Why not go big? Why not put a stake in the heart of evil? Because that’s what this really is. This is good and this is evil.”
[Source: The Daily Wire]

Wow. Now that’s a fairly compelling, memorable message.

Meanwhile, bumbling Biden is delivering a memorable message of his own, albeit for a different reason.

Just consider his “campaigning” for Newsom below.

“In Mississippi (*cough*), children are required to be vaccinated against measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, hepatitis B, polio, tetanus, and more. It’s a state requirement (*cough*), but now in the midst of this pandemic that has taken over 650,00 lives, I propose a mandate for COVID-19 vaccines, and it’s an outrage.” [Source: Breitbart]

Note to Biden: Don’t rant and rave about vaccines when you’re in the midst of a coughing fit, which is an “outrage” in and of itself.

Also, someone should remind Biden he’s “campaigning” for a state election, not national – which means Californians may not be immediately impacted by vaccination rates of Mississippi.

Amazingly, Biden continued to cough throughout the grand total of 14 minutes that he spoke, to the extent that he actually had to apologize to the audience for coughing.

“Look folks (*cough*), we don’t need politics in this battle against COVID, we need science, we need courage, we need leadership, we need Gavin Newsom … A governor who follows science, whose got the courage to do what’s right (*cough*) and who will lead, and I apologize for coughing.” [Source: Breitbart]

While you’re at it, apologize for the virulent racist attack on Elder, namely when a white (leftist) woman wearing a gorilla mask hurled eggs at Elder while he was visiting a homeless encampment in California.

Also apologize for the fact that the mainstream media cannot be bothered to cover this attack, though the tune sung would be quite different if Elder advocated a liberal, rather than conservative, view.

Which Elder himself recognizes.

“If this were a ‘D’ at the end of my name, they’d be talking about the fact that a White woman in a gorilla mask threw an egg at a Democrat candidate for governor, they’d be talking about this in Bangladesh.” [Source: Fox News]

Would they ever.

Very unfortunately, the fictional news media apparently thinks it’s just fine to ignore a blatantly racist attack, just like it’s just fine to ignore Hunter’s horrifying shenanigans, in spite of the grave impact they have on national security.

Fox News contributor Leo Terrell, who is also Black, is not terribly pleased with the fictional news media’s brazenly biased reporting, to the extent that even truly racist incidents are not reported if they don’t align with the Democrats.

“To allow a Black man running for governor of one of the most diverse states in the country to be called the face of White supremacists is sickening. Where are the editorials condemning such a racist remark? In essence, the left-wing media silence is an endorsement of such an offensive comment …

The White woman wearing a gorilla mask attacking Larry Elder and his campaign staff is racism in his purest form. The media is silent because Larry Elder is a Black conservative … No one on this planet can tell me the media response would be the same if Larry was a left-wing liberal. Their silence is an endorsement of Democratic politics.” [Source: Fox News]

Absolutely. Their silence is also a clear endorsement of “America Last,” although Americans are rapidly becoming fed up with Democrat antics.

For instance, LA street artist Sabo took issue with Netflix CEO Reed Hastings cozying up to Newsom, donating a whopping $3M to his campaign for rather obvious, self-involved reasons.

Which is precisely why Sabo wrapped a Netflix billboard with an Elder campaign poster, sending a rather direct message to Hastings.

“This was my ‘F— YOU’ to him and Netflix … Netflix benefits from lockdowns in that theaters are closed.” [Source: Breitbart]

Not only does Netflix benefit, but so does Newsom’s winery, given that it was the only winery permitted to still operate in California during the pandemic, as observed by Elder.

“Don’t feel bad for him. [Newsom] can always retreat to his winery, you know, the one that remained open during the pandemic. The man has got to go!” [Source: The Daily Wire]

For the sake of Californians and the sake of the nation, one can only hope that Newsom faces an imminent retreat to his winery.

Author: Jane Jones