DeSantis Vows To Fight Vaccine Mandates

GOP Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has recently asserted his intentions to fight Joe Biden’s COVID vaccine mandates. One of the first steps that DeSantis has taken includes a promise to protect the jobs of individuals who have chosen not to receive the vaccine.

During a press conference earlier in the week, DeSantis declared that he would be especially protective of the jobs of first responders, who worked consistently throughout the pandemic to assure the health and safety of the state’s residents.

The governor has long stated that the COVID vaccine should be a personal choice, rather than a mandatory obligation forced upon people.

“[The vaccine] is not something that should be coerced onto people,” DeSantis proclaimed, adding that “it should be something they have access to and can make that decision for themselves.”

DeSantis also observed that Biden’s draconian mandate might result in more harm than benefit as well, noting that what the administration is currently doing “is very harmful.”

“If they honestly want more people to do this, they are causing a lot of people to dig in their heels,” DeSantis observed, adding that the government’s “counterproductive” actions have raised serious questions.

DeSantis also observed that the Biden administration has issued policies that have hurt Florida specifically throughout the pandemic, such as shutting down the cruise industry over COVID.

DeSantis also talked about how the policies of the Biden administration have been attempting to hurt the state throughout the pandemic.

“We beat them in court on that and got that going, but that was the CDC just acting unilaterally,” DeSantis stated, adding that Congress never passed legislation closing the cruise industry.

DeSantis opposes the vaccine mandate since he perceives it as a huge overstep of federal power, which the government has done throughout the pandemic.

In other words, “it’s beyond just a mandate,” as observed by DeSantis. The governor also noted that throughout the pandemic other troubling situations have arisen, such as the government “[finding] some obscure regulation” and then “[taking] that as a pretext to be able to do ridiculous, unforeseen expansions of government power.”

DeSantis has also fought vaccine mandates by proposing fines for cities or counties that attempt to mandate the vaccine, which are suggested at $5,000 per infraction. The governor also remarked that people should not have to be forced out of a job due to excessive governmental power.