Biden Takes Revenge On DeSantis In The Cruelest Way Possible

This week, the Biden administration eliminated doses of COVID antibody treatment designated for Florida, providing the state with under 50 percent of what is necessary for a routine week. Biden justifies this move through “equitable distribution.”

However, many observers note that the Biden administration appears to be taking revenge against various GOP governors, particularly in light of Biden’s pledge to get “them out of the way.”

This week, the Biden administration began reducing the amount of monoclonal antibodies sent to conservative states, including Alabama, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee, claiming that these states have collectively taken 70 percent of the antibodies supply in recent weeks.

Consequently, “HHS will determine the amount of product each state and territory receives on a weekly basis,” per a spokesperson from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

The official stated that various health departments will assess the “sites that will receive product and how much,” noting that the system for doing so will maintain “equitable distribution” on a temporal and geographic basis across the nation, “providing states and territories with consistent, fairly distributed supply over the coming weeks.”

The reduction in antibody treatment centers has negatively affected Florida, where Governor Ron DeSantis has announced additional antibody treatment centers across the state while simultaneously combating criticism and misinformation from the media.

Due to the moves of the Biden administration, under half of the necessary doses were sent to Florida this week. Normally, the state requires roughly 72,000 doses per week to meet the state’s needs; however, in the past week the Biden administration delivered only 30,950 doses.

The Press Secretary for DeSantis, Christina Pushaw, criticized the behavior of the Biden administration, noting that every major media outlet that likes to promote “overflowing hospitals” across the South should first request answers from the Biden administration regarding “why they’re restricting the supply of life saving COVID treatment to the South.”

For this reason, several critics perceive Biden’s latest move as an act of revenge against GOP Governors, as Biden claimed during his highly controversial COVID speech that he would move anti-mandate governors “out of the way.”

“I’ll use my power as president to get them out of the way,” Biden declared.